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  1. i do not believe you can legally pay in anything other than rubles. something about off the books transactions, undeclared income, and tax evasion. i thought i read somewhere that one of the big tour operators is in trouble for this exact thing.
  2. which HOHO did you use? city sightseeing, red buses, or stromma? the reviews on all of them are awful. are they really all run by the same company?
  3. thanks for the info. will be headed there with a group of 6 on friday from LAX. was it a licensed taxi? did they have a fare meter or was it a fixed rate. credit card machine i presume then? thanks for any info you can provide.
  4. so the cruise offered a HOHO as an excursion once on board?
  5. we went on this excursion on our cruise last week. went with my wife, 5yo, and 3yo. the aquarium was okay, it was all a bit chaotic in there with a lot of schoolchildren on field trips. it was pretty small and they drop you off at first to watch someone feed and 'hug' the sharks in the big tank and then send you off to see the sea lion show. the show was in spanish, which was fine, our tour guide tried translating real time but it was too noisy. do NOT sit in the front several rows as you WILL get wet. the sea lion makes sure of it. you are then directed around to feed stingrays shrimp and fish, feeding some tilapia, we got to see a snake up close, and then around the zoo area. we had another 15-20 minutes to see the rest of the aquarium and then back on the bus to head to the beach. we were driven for about another 20-30 minutes to el cid marina, where they had a fairly decent buffet lunch with free drinks, and then you could go to either the beach or the resort's pool. the beach was fine, it wasn't too hard to find a lounger, they gave you towels, and the waves weren't too bad for my children. a lot of vendors kept bugging my wife, not pushy but just kept waking her up. it wasn't the 'best' tour, but the 5yo and 3yo were free and it was a busy generally fun 'family' day so i'd call it a success. if you don't have children i wouldn't recommend the tour as the aquarium part was kind of lame for adults. of course when i asked my children their favorite part of the tour, my son invariable said 'THE BUS!' /facepalm
  6. for anyone that has gone to las caletas with small children, i have a 3 and 5 year old. carnival lists the restriction for the kids' adventure area as 1.2 meters (4 feet). but the tour operator's website says 1 meter (39 inches). anyone taken a small child there, what is the real restriction? thanks.
  7. i was looking into las caletas with a 5 and 3 year old, but it doesn't look like they have a 48" limitation for the kids' adventure park with carnival, and neither of my children are that tall...
  8. ugh. i have a cruise booked to mexican riviera next month with two little ones (6 and 4) and have never been to mazatlan. should i be afraid of this particular port?
  9. i just booked an 11 day cruise on the regal princess in july with family including a 6 and 4 year old, my wife, and the kids' grandparents as they had some decent promos and my dad wanted to see st petersburg. now i'm having anxiety about taking the little ones and wondering whether they will have anything to enjoy or see in the baltic ports and whether princess would keep them occupied or bored to tears. i saw some posts about the baltics with teenagers, but didn't find any about smaller kids. anyone with experiences they can share?
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