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  1. Can someone provide who the CD will be Nov 25th on Mariner?
  2. Can someone provide it for me because the list I found seemed dated. Does anyone know if Ricky Matthews will still be on Harmony is April?
  3. Dose anyone know how long Ricky Matthews will be on Harmony?
  4. Thanks for support and understanding. Blessings to you and yours!
  5. Hello, can anyone please provide recent dining room menus and cruise compass for Harmony Of The Seas 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  6. Which nights on the Western itinerary are the formal nights, 2 & 5 or 2 & 6?
  7. Can anyone provide a current daily Western itinerary Harmony Of The Seas cruise compass? Finally getting on her!!!!:D
  8. livingituptwo


    We have our 3 rented!!! I am so excited to get up and head to beach for a beautiful sunrise!!
  9. Thanks everyone, I booked this cruise last Feb and didn't know we would need to reserve these activities so early. We sail next month so we will get to port early. Keep your fingers crossed for us...party of 6.
  10. Is it possible to make reservations for iFly & North Star online before cruise? I have seen several post stating that people have done it but when I attempt to do so my reservation states "must book on board".
  11. Ugh...I kinda got that same feeling after watching a few youtube videos of him as well. Welp, we will go and make our own fun as usual.
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