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  1. This is true.I’ve had power go out at hotels on land trips(disconcerting but I went with it). It’s a little different when you’re on the ocean,possibly in the tropics,and things start to go wrong.
  2. Dogo:I’d rather go someplace touristy-and on a land tour *and* stay in a hotel with working plumbing/a/c than that particular crap shoot.😂
  3. Hmmm PV “touristy”. I’d rather be on a ship with everything working (most of the time)than be “I have to get to get to(insert the name of out of the way place) on a rust bucket ship.”
  4. No matter how many buckets it’s a bad look. See also:Non-functioning toilets, no working a/c.. need I go on? These are not “blips” which will be fixed “quickly”....sometimes it takes a few tries. The hubris here is incredible...
  5. Trying to keep the unaware from making bad decisions.That’s all. Moving buckets for leaks around?Not sure how that’s OK? This is as bad as the people who complain about certain decor on ships.. ..but think a bunch of buckets sitting around is a good look? Oh-kaaay.
  6. ^Lord. 🙄 I’ve said this before, but with the older ships, caveat emptor.
  7. Yes yes this and your “information” about noro have been said again and again. Not defiance..wanting to get rid of a smell in my cabin.🙄
  8. Oh lord..if I had smells in my room that could be alleviated by opening the balcony door,I would.
  9. That boil in the bag style of cooking is far from inelegant..Sous Vide,as it is known,is used in some of the best restaraunts in the world.
  10. 🙄 Fresh orange juice is not a deal breaker for me. As for the turkey dinner..it’s offered on non-Thanksgiving cruises at least once and it was the real thing(and real delicious,too!)
  11. Did the “less shopping” excursion in Cartagena on my Panama Canal cruise earlier this year.It’s a fair amount of walking,and(depending on the time of year)can be hot.It also involves getting in and out of a bus a few times but usually the buses are parked close to a place where it’s easy to step up.
  12. There are strong feelings about ships(for and against).They need to be tempered a bit(especially when it comes to defending “my” ship as some do here.)
  13. It isn’t a balcony door thread without a(tired) reminder about leaving balcony doors open.🙄
  14. Iancal you were who I was referring to when I was talking about the people who won’t go on the older ships. Not just warm weather cruises,let’s be honest..ANY cruise!😂
  15. Still though.. The blame (with toilet issues) tends to fall to the person in that cabin.Never(potentially)someone else....or even the crew themselves. As much as some don’t want to hear that.
  16. 95% was what an expert said. No way is the vast majority of that “operator error” or even “bad choices”.
  17. Well gee..implying that the majority of passengers are basically too stupid to not flush the wrong things down the toilet is pretty harsh, no? Especially when there are signs above every bathroom on the ships telling you not to flush anything but toilet paper. It makes me wonder about some of the so-called “experts” who post here.
  18. Keeping it friendly,IMO. Just pointing out what I think are errors among posters here.Not in an unkind way at all. There are quite a few people here who *don’t* like the idea of spending x amount of time on a ship without certain amenities.They state their opinion in a concise way.And it’s cool. Hm.
  19. That implies stupidity on the part of passengers on the ship. By your reckoning 95% of the people on HAL ships are stupid. Or were you trying to say something else? 🤐
  20. Pretty sure there are issues on the mega ships..but that’s probably more because of the amount of people on there than someone putting something they shouldn’t down the toilet. With HAL ships it’s probably *some* user error and “ship issues” unrelated to that. Not really going to comment on the 95% user error. You’re not a shill,I know,but that sounds incredibly high.
  21. II’ve been pretty reasonable.What I’m seeing in this thread is a lot of “we should accept that “ship happens” and if it did, it was your own fault.” That is simply NOT the case. Toilets not working?Needing several fixes?That goes way beyond “just go with the flow”(pun intended). Maybe someone who has worked for HAL can speak on this,because I’m pretty sure the amount of user-caused toilet issues is actually quite small.
  22. Like I said:disssonance. Sooo..everyone who has trouble with their toilets must have put something they shouldn’t have in them? Not. Likely.
  23. Explorers had to deal with a lot more than bad weather..scurvy for one.
  24. How to say this without getting banned.. well,imma say it anyways: There is a HUGE amount of cognitive dissonance going on on these boards.Or willful “I don’t want to hear anything bad about HAL..ever.” This is why I choose to cruise on the “newer”(I know the Westerdam isn’t that new but she was the last ship I was on) ships. I’d prefer not to have to deal with “ship happening”. Not that I can’t be flexible(I can) but toilets not working(*especially* toilets not working) is a deal breaker for me. I’ve never really noticed shabbiness on any of the ships I’ve been on but as I said earlier,I primarily am on newer ships. The takeaway here:Don’t discount people’s experiences and say “ship happens”. That’s ridiculous.Doesn’t matter how long the cruise is.It’s unacceptable. Every time the topic of “Is a ship too worn out” comes up there’s always a few people who say that say they wouldn’t cruise on those ships because of issues that they’ve had on them.I think that’s a fair comment. Do your due diligence and do a LOT of research before you book a cruise(that goes without saying..) Caveat Emptor,y’all. And disregard the overly glowing “(insert name of ship here” is wonderful,and I’ve never had a bad experience on her” reviews and posts on Cruise Critic.The posts that tell the truth(as much as some here don’t want it to be)are just as valid. OK,this was way rambly but I had to say it.
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