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  1. There is a lot of uncertainty right now. I'm sure that Seabourn does not know at this time where the other ships will be-- to the extent that they can reliably post itineraries. I think you are going to have to be patient. Right now, this cruise line (and others) is fighting for its life. I think we just have to stand by and hope that they survive (and hope that they refund the money owed to many who signed up for cruises that were cancelled). I'm not even looking to book a cruise yet. We are still staying at home all day every day and picking up groceries curbside. We are wistful about the ability to travel in past years and are looking so forward to future travel--when it can happen safely.
  2. For me, the obvious fact is that Seabourn needs these interest free loans right now. I am NOT saying it is right, but it is how some businesses are run. We are know that there are many things that are done in the world that are not right, or fair to others.
  3. Mr. SLSD and I loved the Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam. It is centrally located, on a canal, has a great restaurant and a wonderful library bar. If you are even a bit mobility challenged, make sure you request a lower level room. There is an elevator, but some rooms require some stairs after that. Just let them know that you don't want stairs. We have recommended this hotel to both friends and family and everyone loved it. My very picky sister in law didn't like the canal view as there is a bit of noise on weekends. I sort of enjoyed that. We could walk to the Riksmuseum in the city and also to the Van Gogh museum from the hotel. We especially loved their Library Bar and their restaurant--great food for breakfast and other meals. We would stay there again in a heartbeat. The rooms are quite nice. https://ambassade-hotel.nl In Rome, we stayed at the Hassler which is close to the top of the Spanish Steps. It is a lovely hotel, great bar, courtyard and restaurant. Great breakfast. Centrally located and we could walk to many places from the hotel. We would also stay there again on a return trip to Rome. Wonderful breakfasts and lovely bar and other venues. We stayed in a junior suite--their most modest room and it was very very nice. https://www.hotelhasslerroma.com/en/hotel
  4. Everyone is different when it comes to how many pillows they sleep with. I love having three. That's just me. The rest of you can enjoy the caviar.
  5. Mark56, you are saying EXACTLY what my (retired) business bankruptcy attorney husband is saying. There is NO WAY we would send Seabourn money right now. Like many of you, they have $1000 of our money in the form of a FCD. That's ok. If we lose that, we will most certainly survive. I wish Seabourn the very best and I'm pulling for them.
  6. Hmmmm... We got out our paperwork on our FCDeposits and it was not clearly stated that you could ask for a refund before the four years were up. We had not really considered asking. I am really hoping that Seabourn will still be there when we decide to cruise again. I just read an article which said that international flights will not be back to normal until 2023. That gave me some pause. While none of us can read the future, I am not expecting Seabourn to be sailing this year.
  7. This is what happens when a corporation is strapped for cash. i hope it all works out--and everyone receives their refund. I'm watching closely as I am sure everyone else is.
  8. This is the best news!! I am just so glad that someone has gotten a refund. Hopefully all the others will follow in quick succession!
  9. As Norm 2002 says "charting the ship to recovery". Restructuring and possible bankruptcy is not always a pretty scene--especially for those who fall into the category called the unsecured. Let's all hope for the best. We all hope that Seabourn stays on its sea legs and recovers. It is not at all uncommon for corporate leaders to leave when the going gets tough. Not all of them are cut out for the downside.
  10. No, I think the really ugly parts haven't happened yet. That's probably what he would like to avoid.
  11. According to Mr. SLSD (I just asked him), there are certain businessmen who just cannot stomach financial distress and they bail just before everything hits the fan. They cannot handle it, while other corporate businessmen look at financial distress as a problem to be solved. Same thing for the Holland American president. Several layers of crisis managers will be brought in --investment bankers, turnaround specialists, etc etc. etc.
  12. Mr. SLSD practiced law for 40 years and tells me that corporations will make decisions based on survival. I hate it in this case. We all want SB to always be responsive to us, their best customers. Right now, they have other objectives. It is a tough tough time.
  13. We are not going to book in these uncertain times--first, because there is no vaccine, and second because I am watching all of you wait for the refunds which were promised. Seabourn is holding onto cash because they have to service some rather large loans. They simply do not have any choice. If I remember correctly, the first large payment is due in October. You have probably read that NCL has said that they don't expect to survive financially. I think Seabourn may be in the same situation (I almost typed boat, but thought better of it. )
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