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  1. Interesting. I guess we will see. There is usually a choice of forum. The United States is a favored forum for personal injuries that take place all over the world. It depends on a minimum contact with the United States and RC does have contacts in the United States. Whatever NZ law is MAY be irrelevant as the injured will have choices. Everyone is reeling right now from the tragedy. All of these issues will be dealt with going forward. Another thought, all of the injured are not New Zealanders. They are not going to spend the rest of their lives in NZ, so it is doubtful that NZ is going to bear all the medical costs they will incur for the rest of their lives. Here's the link to the article you mention: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/12/white-island-volcano-victims-cannot-bring-civil-lawsuits-for-negligence
  2. Robito, I know that everyone on the ship has suffered. All of you have empathy for those who have perished and those who are in critical condition. This tragedy has affected me all the way in Dallas, Texas, so I can only imagine what the ship's passengers have felt. You are so right that Royal Caribbean (or any cruise line) has a standard of duty to their passengers. This is part of liability law. This terrible tragedy reminds us of why we have these laws. I'm sure that those who went on the excursion felt safe--or otherwise they would not have gone--and would not have taken their children. We all grieve for all the deaths and injuries. But, it is perhaps a wake up call. I've read the comments of those who have said that the passengers who signed up for the tour knew what they were getting into. I see it a different way. There is a standard of duty (for business invitees) no matter what they know or think. It's a separate issue. It is a legal issue and sometimes that is hard for people to understand.
  3. I continue to think about the people who lost their lives and those who are critically burned. Prayers offered, prayers asked for. I cannot begin to imagine the grief, the anguish, the pain, the sorrow, and that all of these will be ongoing for years and years. Amidst a world of sad news, this story has really struck me. I've been discussing this story with my husband who thinks it is so sad he doesn't even want to read the stories. He is a lawyer, but not a personal injury lawyer. He reminded me what he knows about liability law. He maintains that now IS the time to begin a discussion of the liability issues (and that will evolve as we know more) as it is this kind of law that protects all of us--and it is constantly evolving to better protect us. So please, understand that those who talk about liability are grieving for the victims and see some issues that need to be addressed. All that being said, there are aspects of liability law that some do not know or understand--duty, breach of duty, etc. So please--be kind to those who mention legal issues. The mention of the issues is not ambulance chasing, Instead, it is a avenue of concern and care--for all of us.
  4. Emperor Norton, I absolutely love having breakfast in the Restaurant on sea days, but sadly have experienced some truly abysmal service--not only slow, but wrong items delivered. The cure seemed to be finding a good waiter who served at breakfast and requesting him each time. This worked for us until they closed one side of the Restaurant at breakfast. I DID complain and I am not a complainer. There has to be a solution--maybe it involves all of us who love going to the MDR for breakfast making the shortcomings known to the appropriate people each time it happens and asking for better. My husband likes the Colonnade, but I'm a serene atmosphere white tablecloth person myself. Please keep us updated on this.
  5. The internet signal onboard is often weak. In fact, passengers are often asked (at least we were asked) to not try to stream while onboard. I would assume the wifi calling would also be discouraged. I'm not sure if it would actually work or not.
  6. Isklaar, you you recall, I struggled with the internet speed last May/June on Sojourn and it severely hampered my live from thread (which I enjoyed doing). I found internet access best in the public areas, like the Observation Bar at tea time. I would love to hear more details about your current experience---just for the fun of it.
  7. Any lawyer would tell you that just because a piece of paper says something, does not make it true. Waivers do not always hold up in court. I was a juror once in a case where this happened.
  8. I am so saddened by the tragic event and have found myself thinking of the dead and their families all day today. I do find the idea of liability to be an interesting one. I am not a lawyer, but I'm married to one and understand something about liability. It's not always what you think. While it could be that Admiralty Law will apply or the laws of a foreign land, in the United States, liability concerns duty, then breach of duty, followed by causation and then damages. In other words, if RC was selling an excursion to the volcanic island, they are assuming a duty and there could be a breach of that duty depending on circumstances. If RC was not selling this excursion, then they would not be liable. But I do agree with others that at this time, we are most concerned with the loss of life and the tragedy of the event. It's just silly to argue on this board at this time. Everyone is sad and people express that in different ways.
  9. You make me laugh---the counting the visible tattoos on passengers and crew. I would prefer to avert my eyes. I am not a consumer of ice cream, but I do remember reading that the ice cream was being made on board. My husband pronounced it good. That is not enough to make me try it as I prefer to reserve my calories for real food.
  10. An article from an Australian website which mentions Ovation of the Seas: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/white-island-volcano-eruption-plumes-of-smoke-reports-of-injuries-in-bay-of-plenty/news-story/5cb1553515e0da994d4ad3587df99ff8
  11. I am assuming you may also consider the new SB ship Venture and its itineraries. It is going to have more zodiacs and a somewhat different approach to landings. I posted about it last summer when we were on the Sojourn and the VP for expeditions was aboard and did a presentation. If I was considering Antarctica, I might be willing to wait for the Venture.
  12. Cheap consolidators--that's a term I've been looking for.
  13. Rols, you are the best at watching pricing. Keep us apprised. Mr. SLSD and I have been dragging our heels about booking our next cruise. The main issue is that we are changing travel agents and haven't settled on one yet. We know we are definitely doing a European itinerary, but that is about as far as it goes. I agree with another poster that the Set Sail Events have not seemed that enticing. We don't necessarily choose by price, but like to know our options. Still trying to convince Mr. SLSD that we need to do 21 days vs the 14 that he prefers.
  14. I agree that the website is not in line with the quality of the product Seabourn is selling. Surely someone in the administration offices knows that the website is poorly done?
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