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  1. If you buy wine by the bottle (rather than a package), how is it managed? Can you take your half drunk bottle back to the cabin?
  2. Hiya, Just have a look here: Thank you 🙂
  3. Do you get told what these will be before you sail? If so, how long before? What sorts of themes are there? Thanks.
  4. We are booked on the Arcadia next year so will be interested to see what you think 🙂
  5. The title of this post says it all - for those of you who have cruised with both, thoughts please.
  6. The title of this post says it all - for those of you who have cruised with both, thoughts please.
  7. We have done plenty of cruises but so far always around the Med/Baltic. Now we are venturing out a bit. Can anyone tell me what to expect? How cold will it be, (I'm expecting icebergs….;p) waves crashing over the upper decks and …. I don't get sea sick but as with turbulence in a plane, do get a bit nervous about the rolling heaving and pitching etc etc.... any words of wisdom please?
  8. Where do you get this information from? Thanks.
  9. As the title says…..so excited :D Has anyone got a list of (UK) 'to do's' before embarking. We are UK based, sailing S'hamton to S'hampton so no flights. I know its a long way off but 4 years ago we moved from NZ to the UK (back home for me) and even though we started planning and packing months ahead, on the day we left were running in circles trying to finish the last minute things :eek: Also apart from enough medication, clothes hangers and hooks, what else to take?
  10. Has anyone booked this and why have you chosen this cruise? (High on our options list due to ports and size of ship)
  11. I read on many posts of people taking 6, 8, 10 or more suitcases for a world cruise. Are their cabins like some sort of Tardis that I have yet to discover, (are they suite occupiers) or do they have a special secret that they can share as to how /where they put everything when its unpacked?!
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