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  1. Never seen them onboard....
  2. I'm thinking about taking a cruise on the Epic in the next few years. Boarding soon after a refurb is always nice.
  3. Is there a link for NCL's dry dock schedules? Particularly interested in the Epic.
  4. Equipment changes on Delta have scrambled seating assignments for my family on two different occasions. Our issue is when they do so without concern for the age of the travelers. We've had our 2 yr old and our 5 yr old reassigned to seats in totally different rows from their parents. Luckily, I caught the change early and was able to fix the problem. I now go into their website every week and check for changes....
  5. $50 plus tip for a HC last July on the Pearl
  6. Dining- 100 days out for suites; 90 days for mini-suites and below. Excursions- Probably available for your Aug 2018 cruise on the NCL site now.
  7. I don't believe so and even if you could, I would not rely upon them to actually do so. I think that their scope is limited to such things as pillow types, coffee requests and a few other items. Even those type of requests many times go unfulfilled until you actually get on board and ask about them.
  8. Anyone seen concierge Naomi recently? Or butler Jennifer? They were both on the Pearl in July. Both were great and hope to see them on a future sailing. I'm sure that vacation lengths vary by contract but does anyone have any knowledge as to the normal concierge vacation length?
  9. You might also wish to stroll thru the arcade just to see what the costs of the games will be....from what I recall, they are not cheap.
  10. On Pearl in July....the crew talent show was still in the theater at that time. Might be just a lack of crew volunteers or talent on the Gem?
  11. I'd suggest that immediately after boarding that you go to each restaurant and ask to have your reservations changed to accommodate your group. You might need to take the responsible party for the other reservation(s) with you just in case.
  12. I'd also make certain that I have copies of medical insurance coverage and parental approvals as applicable just in case....
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