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  1. This will also be my first river cruise. I am not sure if other cruise lines offer a Chef's Table or not. It might be called by a different name. Maybe some other CC members might be able to answer your question. I know on most ocean cruises there are specialty restaurants but they usually come with an additional cost. As some posters mentioned the Chef's Table on Ama is included for one dining experience during your cruise.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses. I now have a good understanding of the Chef's Table.
  3. Would like to know how many people the Chef's Table can accommodate on the AmaLea. We will have a group travelling in May 2020 and are thinking of trying to book space in the restaurant for the group. Is that possible? Is there an extra charge for dining in this restaurant or is it included in the cruise price?
  4. Can we request distilled water required for a CPAP machine before we embark? Is there a charge for this? On ocean cruises that we have done we could request ahead of time and it was in the cabin upon our arrival. There usually was a charge for it but not much. Also, would we have to bring an extension cord as was the case on our ocean cruises. We are a long way off from departure but might as well ask the question while I think of it.
  5. We are in the process of booking a cabin on the AmaLea which I believe is a sister ship to the Viola. In doing some research on the cabins that we had to choose from I came across a site that has some reasonable pictures of the cabins. I don't believe that I can post the name of the site as it seems to be a TA site. If you are interested in the name of the site you can email me at joan.manser@gmail.com . We don't need the sleeper chair to be used as a bed and wonder how comfortable it would be to sit on. The back seems quite far back so no support while sitting.
  6. Thanks for the reply. i think I know which way upstream is but can someone confirm. We are going from Budapest to Vilshofen and my guess is that is going downstream. Is that correct? Not certain which rivers in Europe flow into which body of water.
  7. We will be travelling to Budapest and have a night on board the AmaLea before starting our river cruise. Can anyone tell me if you typically raft together while in Budapest or are you docked directly at the pier? Also, is there a norm to which way the ship will be facing while docked. Just about to book our cabin and wonder whether port or starboard would be better or is it up to the captain as which way you face? If not rafted in Budapest then I would like to have the ability to look out over the town especially at night.
  8. I also am not sure what a "Chair Bed" is. Could you mean a pull out sofa. When Ama advertise cabins that can accommodate quad occupancy, where does the 3rd person sleep?
  9. We are planning a river cruise in May 2020 on the AmaLea. Now have to decide between 210 - 235 sq ft room. It appears that the difference in space is in the width of the room. Only 1 chair at the french balcony in the 210 sq ft room. Would love the extra space but not sure if it is worth the extra $$. My DH has some mobility issues but gets around easily with a cane although we will have a rollator walker (for excursions) to store in the room so that is another thought. How much room is there to get around the room? Any advice would be helpful.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I thought it might be part ownership but this sets the record straight.
  11. I am new to River Cruising and am seeing numerous posts with APT & AMA in the same context. Could someone explain the relationship between them? Thx
  12. We are starting to plan a European River Cruise for 2020 for a group of seniors. Have done some research so far on itineraries, cruise lines etc. but am very concerned about how the water levels have impacted this years cruises. I know that we have no control over Mother Nature and that this year seems to be an exceptional year for heat and lack of rain but am wondering if late May or early June might be a good time to book. Would this time frame avoid the early spring high water problems and also be ahead of the heat/drought period of the summer months. Some guidance would be very much appreciated.
  13. Thank you for your insightful reply. Could you give me your opinion between the Rhine and the Danube as to which is the most scenic.
  14. As I have been researching different cruise lines for a European River Cruise, I am surprised by how many lines say evening/overnight cruising. I always thought that a fair amount of the cruise would be sailing during the day so as to be able to admire the beautiful scenery as you sail by. Is there any line that put an emphasis on cruising throughout the day or is evening/overnight sailings the norm. If that is the case then I think the time of year would be earlier rather than later in the season to take advantage of the longer days. Any comments would be appreciated
  15. Our seniors club is thinking of booking a European River Cruise and there seems to be quite a lot of interest within our group. If booking a group how many cabins/people do you need to get a group booking rate? What kind of a discount/perks can we expect. I am sure that it will depend on how many actually step up and book once we decide which trip to offer. Is there any one cruise line that offers better incentives? Any advice on group bookings would be greatly appreciated.
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