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  1. Thank you for the support lol. Obviously the people of the Bahamas are priority, I was just wondering what RC would do if their island was destroyed after all that hype.
  2. I wonder what the chances are of Perfect Day being destroyed in this hurricane? I feel like 185 mph winds and those tall slides dont really bode well together, but maybe this is something RC thought of before building this park? I am worried that my upcoming cruise in a month will not be visiting CocoCay if it sustains substantial damage
  3. Thought about the anthem cruise but the time period is too long and doesnt work with work schedules. Just have to hope theres no blizzard in the day before the cruise
  4. Most of the cruise is Bahamas and Mexico so hopefully Bahamas isn't too bad. I'm planning on booking a flight first thing Saturday morning so hopefully that leaves enough time. Anyone try driving?
  5. Looking at caribbean cruises leaving from Florida in January and was wondering if the weather is usually warm enough to lounge on the beach? Also, coming from the northeast, I am worried about flight cancellations and missing the cruise. Should I aim to arrive two days earlier or is a day earlier good enough?
  6. Can you go over to Paradise island and use the resort waterpark?
  7. Also got an email saying that Roatan is being replaced with Nassau, Bahamas. Honestly am not too disappointed about the change as I wasn't too excited for Roatan anyway.
  8. Ok so I know this isn't the best credit card out there, but is it unreasonable to get this card, get the $100 OBC and then cancel it post cruise? I feel like the incentive is pretty good since they give you the $100 on any purchase.
  9. After doing more searching, it seems like it would actually be cheaper to do two balcony rooms instead of an ultra spacious room. I think this would be a better setup than one room for 4 ppl
  10. Thank you! I think the one I'm looking at has a balcony though. Does anyone think this room is worth it over a junior suite?
  11. Anyone have any images of this room, category 1A on the allure of the seas? Also if anyone has stayed in the room, how was it?
  12. I am splitting the price unequally among 4 other people and was wondering if it is possible to say pay $500 on one card,$1000 on another...and so on. Can they split the price up unequally and charge the cards that way?
  13. If I book and its cancelled, will I be refunded and compensated?
  14. I would like to book a trip on this ship in January 2020 so I am hoping that it is fixed by then, but I am wondering that since Allure is scheduled for a dry dock in 2020, that maybe they will move this date up? Obviously, all this is speculation, but my biggest fear is booking the trip and having them cancelling due to an unscheduled dry dock.
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