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  1. Hi guys, We are booked onto the Richard With for our honeymoon in February 2020 for the 12 day round trip. We cant find photos of how the ship now looks after the refurbishment it had, but it sounds like its had quite the transformation. Has anyone on here travelled on the ship from the refurbishment?
  2. Thank you GC. We are sitting down this weekend to have a good look into the cabins, routes, excursions etc. We are now thinking of doing the 12 day cruise to make the most of our time. What are everyone`s views on this period of time? We feel that the 6 day one might be a bit rushed? Shoe King
  3. Hi guys, We were thinking of doing a cruise in February 2020 for our honeymoon and hope to see the northern lights when we are there. What type of clothing would we need to bring at that time of year? We are also going to book a suite as it’s our honeymoon and splashing out. Are there any particular ships with the best suits, ideally with big windows or balconies? Also what excursions would you recommend along with duration of the cruise to make the most of our time. look forward to hearing all your suggestions. Oh this is also our first cruise. Many thanks in advance, Francis
  4. I’m looking forward to it. I did the romantic Rhine with Avalon last year. Hopefully get some snow towards the end of the cruise.
  5. I was looking at it with the view of doing a longer cruise on the river system. Are there any others out there that would maybe of better value etc? I’m doing the legendary Danube with Avalon on the 20th of November for 10 nights this year.
  6. Has anyone here done the Fred. Olsen Europe’s secenic rivers cruise for 23 days? If so what are your opinions.
  7. I was thinking of going on Riviera’s Danube’s imperial cities & Yuletide markets river cruise. So I was interested to know what everyone thinks and has anyone traveled with Riviera before?
  8. Thank you Cary. I was thinking about staying with Avalon, but would be open to suggestions.
  9. It’s not the main draw Kathleen, but I enjoyed visiting them on my cruise on the Rhine last year.
  10. Would there be low water on the Danube in November/December?
  11. So its come to that time of year, when im back thinking about a holiday. Last November I went on my first river cruise and I enjoyed it so much. I went with Avalon on the romantic Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel as it was then end of the month I got to visit the Christmas markets, which were amazing! Even got to see the Black forest under a couple of inches of snow, which was stunning. This time im turning my sights to the Danube, some questions I have: Which direction would be the best to travel? Do you get a more comprehensive view the of the regions if you go on one of the longer cruises available? If I go for a shorter cruise are there highlights of the river I shouldn't miss? Which company does everyone suggest would be best to cruise the Danube with? (Have to say I love travelling with Avalon on the Rhine) What would the chances be of snow on the Danube? (I`ll be travelling the end of November, beginning of December. Due to brother`s wedding at the start of the month and work) Look forward to hearing what you all have to say. I got great help and advice before my last river cruise. Oh forgot to add im a 39 year old male solo traveller. Shoe King
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