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  1. So, my choice to sail absolves NCL of informing passengers in the middle of a cruise of a positive test? I am not asking for a refund or any compensation for a poor cruise. I would just like to understand who made that decision and why.
  2. I am absolutely livid. If true, it sounds like they had the information about a positive test while we were still on the ship, yet we were never informed. In fact, we were specifically told there were no cases of illness. We saw the woman being taken off in Jamaica, and of course worried about the possibility. It was absolutely our choice to be on this ship, but I would have canceled had this sailing been included in the “peace of mind” offering. This was already one of the worst cruises we have taken and now this to top it off. Prayers for the woman and her family.
  3. Probably not soon enough for me as we are supposed to cruise tomorrow.
  4. Yes, we unfortunately waited too long after final payment to purchase our insurance so we do not have cancel for any reason. If I did I would cancel our cruise next week. We may just decide to take the hit and not go anyway. I'm not really that concerned about getting sick. I am just worried about getting stuck in quarantine or unable to get home on time for whatever reason. I can't be out of office that next week for any reason.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I agree that the cover charge killed this space. This would have been a great time to come up with a new concept. I'm not a huge fan of American diner. I actually enjoyed Margaritaville before the cover charge increase.
  6. Any more information on the transition away from Margaritaville to American Diner fleetwide? Someone mentioned the Breakaway would switch shortly, any others?
  7. Margaritaville is definitely the best pool. Diplomat is also solid and at times you can find a great rate.
  8. Looks like the Breakaway missed the island yesterday, 1/5/2020.
  9. Don't think this is always the case. I always get a full comp. cruise and I have a $375 "Casino Reward" showing.
  10. We were 6 for 6 and had a great streak of never missing up until a few years ago. We have missed it now the last four times in a row.
  11. We missed it last week on the Pearl and went to Freeport instead. This was the first time we had missed GSC out of 5 scheduled stops on previous cruises.
  12. We booked this last minute as it was a short cruise and can't be away from work for a week right now. We realized after the fact that it was partially chartered. We are a little concerned about the experience onboard being quite different from past cruises. Being that we paid next to nothing as we went through CAS, just going to make the best of it.
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