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  1. Normally in my experience, if you have spent some time in the lounge that evening, no one has objected to you taking one bottle each of water with you. Just walking into the lounge and asking for a bottle of water then leaving is iffy, at that point it becomes a definite ethical dilemma.
  2. As stated, once you have paid your auto gratuities, your tips are covered. Anything extra is up to you and there is no standard amount, that is the correct etiquette.
  3. much like the quality of food, it depends on perception of the individual. My wife cannot stand it at all and even refuses to walk through the casino area when it is closed. For me it is just barely tolerable, I would spend more time in there if it was non-smoking.
  4. yes it is. Stations 9 & 10 are in Boleros
  5. Seems like no one commenting in this thread remembers that Empress was returned to RCI fleet in May 2016 for one reason and one reason only, 4 and 5 night cruises to Havana. At that time cruisers that elected to sail on that ship were willing to forgo some amenities do to the itinerary. Majesty had the faux diamond lounge while she did 4-5 night cruises to the Bahama's from Florida. Now RCI has moved her to NOLA doing 7 night cruises, so the type of cruisers you attract are more apt to expect the standard Royal amenities, which are definitely lacking on Majesty.
  6. Just returned from a cruise on Majesty out of NOLA. So the Spring Hill on JFK was a standard motel for this brand, service was good, breakfast was Ok, was clean and did not seem in a bad part of town, mainly office complexes. I will not hesitate to stay here again, airport shuttle was convenient and quick. We just went next door for dinner at the Courtyard Bistro, but there were other places around, but not a huge selection. We walked up the street to a nearby liqueur store and even a little further down before we turned back and made out purchase. Uber we were able to get fairly quickly after retrieving our bags, but our flight was not until late afternoon so really we had no worries
  7. my experience is one item from the MDR menu (usually not the most popular one) one chicken , one fish and same old everything else. Is it food, is it eatable, sure I wish they could have diner hours for the BBQ and Blue Iguana, and guys, even if it was on a rotating basis. love that at least Guy's is open till 6, the usualy do a huge batch of burgers about 5:30 JMHO
  8. Based on cruising both RCCL and Carnival, Diamond + and almost Platinum, each has it own plus and minus. RCCL has the main stage shows, ice show and extra + water slide, best loyalty perks, also biggest ships in the world. Carnival has the advantage on comedy club, dive in movies and on boarding access immediately to room for Platinum and above NCL though i have been considering trying a cruise on them seems to not be in the value price point on a number of comparisons, really have to have an incentive to try them
  9. But what port do they sail from? very few, not a main cruise line in my opinion
  10. which is one of the major problems with the current system and adding proportionately to the massive increase in Diamond and Diamond Plus numbers While a minor or a significant other you should have your parents or others status. Upon breaking that tie you should revert to your own earned status, even if it means a down grade in status.
  11. Dress Your Best is as good as it gets on future RCI cruises And every customer get to decide what they consider that to be
  12. agree always have the menu generally the nite before for the next evening no problems telling room service what i want and to make sure i get a table cloth for me food has always been almost as warm as in the MDR
  13. that is called pre-paying your gratuity. funds are collected at final payment and are "pre-paid" when you board the ship
  14. everything i have read on specialty dining states "Tips" or "Gratuity" is included in the cost , that is the same whether you see it as a separate item or not. also i have seen the specialty waiters in the dining room at off hours so i assume they are also include in the pool. either way my tips have been paid
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