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  1. We ended up deciding on a land trip to Scotland and England in May. It was a fantastic two week trip
  2. I started a travel blog where I’m writing about my trip if you’d like to read it. Travelswithalysia.com We didn’t rent a car, figured it would be complicated driving on the other side of the road. We took the train from London to Edinburgh. We found the city of Edinburgh very walkable everywhere. For the rest of Scotland we saw it by the tours. Their train system seems very easy to use to get to other cities in Scotland if we didn’t do tours I would have done it that way. I know Rabbies has some tours in Ireland as well I’ve looked into them if we ever go there.
  3. We bought our Tower of London ticket when we got there and didn’t wait long, but it was a crowded day. If you do buy day of I recommend trying to get there early, we arrived when they opened. Crowds definitely increased as the day went on. I bought most tickets online in advance, but had issues buying tickets for the historical sites it wouldn’t charge my card online.
  4. I just came back from my honeymoon where I planned a land trip to England and Scotland. Originally was going to do a cruise and then changed my mind. We did pretty much exactly what you want to do. We stayed in Edinburgh for a week, like you I didn’t want to change hotels and instead have a home base. We stayed at the Hilton Carlton just off the Royal Mile it was a great location to everything. For getting around Scotland I booked multiple one-day tours. I’m sure you could take trains or drive and do things on your own, but we really liked having the tour companies take us everywhere. I had never booked a tour outside of a cruise before and was a little apprehensive, but they were all fantastic. We used Rabbies and Highland Explorer Tours. They had options for multi day trips, but we only did one day tours. It was nice coming back to the city and the same room every night. We went to the highlands, saw a ton of castles including Stirling Castle. We also went to the borders, into England (actually walked into the country that was fun) and visited Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter was filmed, gorgeous castle. Did hiking, saw waterfalls, went to St. Andrews and did a tour of a working whiskey distillery. Was a fantastic week I loved each tour we did with both companies. Rabbies only uses small buses of no more than 16 people and Highland Explorer Tours were slightly larger with around 30 people. Some days had smaller or larger groups, but both companies guarantee you will go no matter how many actually sign up. For Loch Ness I wouldn’t do it. It’s really far from either Glasgow or Edinburgh and if you are doing it in a day you’ll spend the majority of your day getting there and back. We were going to originally until I realized almost all complaints for these companies were for this specific tour and how much time is spent on the bus and how little actually there. If you have any other questions let me know, I just got home from the trip so it’s all still fresh in my mind
  5. This looks interesting! They have one that does Hampton Court and Windsor Castle. How do these tours work? It says they pick up and your hotel and drop you back off. When they take you to the sites you're visiting do they come inside with you or they just wait for you at the taxi to finish? Are the fees to get into the castles included or the fee is just for the actual taxi? Also for when we land in Heathrow would you recommend using them to get to our hotel?
  6. We'll be there the third week in May. I was thinking instead of going to Windsor going to Hampton Court I've read online its not as important to get a ticket in advance for there? We'll also only be there during Monday-Friday so no weekends, would that help with crowds?
  7. I had tried buying tickets to Windsor Castle, but for some reason the site didn't run my credit card (somehow the foreign transaction fee still went through) I emailed them and they didn't see it on their end so I wouldn't be able to book that in advance. I'm not sure why it didn't work I've bought so many things over there for my trip and none of them have given me a problem. If its impossible to do without a ticket in advance I feel like our only option would be through a tour.
  8. Thank you! I'll check them out. I'd really love to make it over to Windsor Castle.
  9. We'll be in London for a week so plenty of time to see the city. For the Hampton Court tour who did you use for that? That sounds like a lot of fun.
  10. I'm not really sure, I've never done a tour outside of a cruise organized tour before. It's our honeymoon. I don't think we'd need walking tours of the city itself, we'll get around by the Tube and see the sights. I'm thinking more for things that are farther away and would be tricky to visit on our own, like Stonehenge.
  11. I'm looking to book a one day tour in London, not sure where to exactly yet, somewhere outside of the city. I was wondering if anyone has any reliable tour companies that they've used to do this?
  12. Yes it’s the LNER train. Free food and drink sounds good
  13. I booked my train tickets today yay! Did first class both ways since it wasn't too much more than normal seats. It was weird though I could select the seats on the trip up to Scotland, but they were assigned for the trip back and I couldn't change them, just could change the preferences. Excited though, my trip is coming up soon.
  14. The 4 night. You’ll get a sea day, it’ll feel less rushed and you’ll be able to enjoy the ship more. 3 days is way too short to me.
  15. I would pick dinner. I wasn’t a fan of the brunch although I know a lot rave over it. I think the food at dinner is far above what is served in the MDR. You’ll also have a better shot getting reservations for dinner since it’s served every night whereas brunch is only on sea days
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