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  1. The pricing was advertised as "Starting at". This means the lowest pricing would be $1999 per person. Other dates and other gateways can be more. Mine cost more as well, but the starting prices on my date were the $1999 when you include the lowest priced cabin and lowest priced airfare. This is what starting at means. I didn't book a 2C so obviously, my price is more. I'm not flying from MIA or some of the other $500 gateways, so my price is more.
  2. No spin at all. It's called simple math. Prices start at $1999 including airfare. $1499 + $500 for airfare IS $1999. I'm sorry that is so difficult to understand. With your freezer example if they said they were giving you a freezer full of food for $2000 and instead had a freezer without food and a gift card for $500 to a grocery store, you probably would argue that is deceptive as well. But if you had the freezer full of food and all the ice cream was melted, you'd complain about that too. Some people just aren't happy regardless.
  3. They indicted that pricing would start at $1999 per person. Starting pricing. Not that your price would be $1999 per person. I don't know of any company that says starting pricing and that covers every single date or every cabin. When they opened, the pricing did not include airfare. How could it? It was never $500 per person for every possible gateway. Cabins started at $1499 per person. Starting airfare was $500. Seems to me that totals $1999 per person. How is that for substantial backing?
  4. Yes, that's how to do it. You can only count unbooked and assume how many are booked.
  5. I did count them up today (I know, crazy). After the Revolution, Millennium has 1108 cabins. 471 are inside or oceanview. That leaves 637 balcony. I'm willing to take a chance since everyone will be tested twice to get on, adults will all be vaccinated and the other protocols in place.
  6. The prices they came out with were $500 less than they originally said to account for the airfare. No dishonestly here. Sounds like the gratuities was an error. Whenever I book Celebrity with gratuities included, the system adds then subtracts the cost of the gratuities. It usually takes a day or two. This too is not dishonest, it was a computer glitch. Not sure how your credit card was charged as they don't store your card. Exactly! I get so tired of people thinking that everyone is out to do something nefarious. My first thought was maybe they are opening
  7. The cruise is 12 nights for a transatlantic. The minimum bid was $200 pp and the maximum was $500 pp.
  8. We bid in mid March the same day we received the offer for our April 20 sailing. Bid $500 per cabin for Explorer and Discoverer (two separate rooms) from verandah to CC and received the decline today. Was considered weak, but at the time there were 10 available staterooms to upgrade to.
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