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  1. Agree. Maybe we will get actual facts (eventually) when this virus was in the US. I believe it was here way before January when Chinese released their numbers. I was very sick after October 2019 Cruise. My son (21 year old who had a flu shot) was SUPER sick and came home from College to recuperate in January. His diagnosis was passed off as flu. COVID-19 is still a moving target and I wonder how many people actually had this virus before it was realized as a pandemic... Maybe the timeline/research will eventually make sense to me. JMO Stay safe 🙂
  2. Thank you for admitting you were wrong. Keep politics out of this. You injected and fueled your political standing and I am hoping CC will continue to monitor and delete posts. My voice. Hang tight everyone. Nope...you can't please all of the people all of the time. If you can, kindly run for President. It is SO easy for people to hide behind their keyboards and post... JamieLogical literally encouraged people to travel when virus was being investigated. I have a problem with that. Now she is reversing her decision... JamieLogical....thanks for your knowledge. Be safe 🙂
  3. Why are you resurrecting this thread and questioning? People here continually post their political belief. Some post are deleted others are not. I honestly don't care about the pecking order y'all established here on CC. People are dying. GraphicGuy...get a grip. If you think you are more knowledgeable than Americans, please provide your statistics and why my post was deemed "SNARKY. I posted my view. My voice. Stay safe 🙂
  4. Thank you for admitting you were wrong and underestimating the impact of this virus. You were an advocate of going on your cruise...no matter what. Somewhat like the "Spring Breakers" claiming they are/were immune. We all saw those idiots on the beach... "Heads of State" are doing the best they can in this unprecedented emergency. You are now posting stats in your reverse decision about this outbreak. mking8288 posted valuable information about this crisis a long time ago (NYC). I literally cried when I saw "Mercy" pulling into LA. "Comfort" will be in NY Harbor soon replacing our Cruise Ships. Sure...we all want to cruise again, but in the meantime, relax. Being "desperate to cruise again" minimizes this crisis. I am not "desperate" to go on another cruise, but I am DESPERATE the citizens of this lovely country remain well and all will get back to work soon. I have a cruise booked in 9/21. It may or may not happen. I am okay with that. Help your neighbor and use common sense. Stay safe 🙂 JMO 🙂
  5. I respect you and your opinion. I consider you an "expert" on Bermuda (Charles rocks also!). I learned a lot from you and your contribution to the Bermuda Boards. You guided me on your responses to questions when I was planning (not directly from me, but other people). You answered questions even though they were repeatedly asked and you did not say "USE THE SEARCH". That was refreshing and kind. I was afraid of this. I regret posting. I still believe COVID-19 was among us before a country released their info. I am now now stepping away from CC for a long time. Lots of other stuff to deal with.... Stay safe everyone 🙂
  6. I am also interested in this. I WAS NOT on this cruise, but I had all the symptoms of COVID-19 when I returned from cruise in October (on Escape from NYC to Bermuda). I was fine the whole cruise until the last night. My throat (neck area) told me something was going on. Oh boy...I was getting the "cruise crud"! The symptoms continually worsened. Over the next few days, I had a fever, chest compression (felt like elephant was on my chest), cough/nasal. I have a HIGH TOLERANCE of pain and never complain. I had natural child birth (not that I wanted to, but he came so quick I had no choice). I never get extremely sick, but if I do get a touch of something, it is gone in a few days. Just suck it up and go one with my life. I was sick for 3 weeks before I actually felt human again after cruise. Just taking a shower sucked the life out of me. In comparison, natural childbirth was easier than how I felt after cruise. So, my point is: Is the time timeline correct when first cases were reported? I would like to be tested eventually to determine/un-determine if I had COVID-19 back in October. The US is flooded with current issues, but for my own peace of mind, I would like to know if I had the virus in October. I will pursue that when everything settles down and I hope it does soon for everyone's sake. My situation is insignificant at this time. I understand that. Please DO NOT REPLY and question my judgement why I am posting. I am just wondering if anyone else had the same symptoms (on their cruise) in order to connect the dots (which may in someway help in data collection to figure all of this out) and save lives. I realize not everyone is on CC and therefore statistics would not be accurate. I know that, but it's a start... Maybe I should start a separate thread on this for compilation? JMO. Be safe everyone!
  7. Well said. This is precisely what I have tried to say for weeks, but got flamed for being over-cautious. I apologize if I offended anyone here for being over-cautious at the (then known) infant stage of this horrible virus. Crazy stuff! Thanks mking8288 for your real-time info and knowledge. I respect that. I eventually will cruise again with NCL or any other line which gives me the itinerary I want and at the right price. In the meantime, my focus is upon humanity and not a vacation. JMO and be safe everyone!
  8. Agree about going on with your life. We have too. However, coming off a cruise is a different dynamic. Cruise Crud = what these days? No one knows. Being diligent after coming off a cruise and taking precautionary measures is a quality which I find exemplary. I still go to the grocery store and get gas. No worries. JMO 🙂
  9. So many people get the "Cruise Crud" after a cruise. It was just blown off. This is different. And I wonder how many of these "Cruise Cruds" are indeed COVID-19? Will we ever know? Good for you for exercising precaution and responsibility. Ignore people here who are WAY more smarter than us. LOL! JMO 🙂.
  10. Read your cancellation policy carefully AS IT PERTAINS TO YOUR BOOKING. It seems to be changing by the day. I booked a cruise for 9/2021 and if I cancel before final payment, I will incur a 25% fee. That is soooo different from the 100% refund previously offered. I booked on 3/7/20 (before the sky fell) and this stipulation was in place. Read before you sign... I got a good deal (all the perks and OBC) for a solo traveler. That never happens... September 2021 is a ways off. I do hope my CN Certs in my account are still available and have not dissolved. LOL! JMO 🙂
  11. Huh? Major Sporting Events are cancelling due to localized government. That is exactly how the government is supposed to work. Protect our communities. Are you a millennial? How long have you been on this earth? Good grief...
  12. This was reported before you...
  13. Finally. People "smarter than us" finally decided it is not safe for the population to be in enclosed spaces. The government has worked like it is suppose to. Let local government decide what is best for their communities. They have closed schools, events according to needs. Broadway closed. My son was sent home from College indefinitely. There is no direction how to continue online learning, but people here are hell bent about taking that cruise! Disinfecting does not = safe. We still have people who think they are above the COVID-19 and expect people to bail them out if quarantined on cruise ship. I don't want my tax $ to provide their expenses. They CLEARLY embarked on a ship knowing all the facts and therefore should incur any expenses if they get COVID-19. Also, please stay out of the Hospitals after you get off the ship.... Good grief. This is unprecedented. Unknown territory... I hope all who thought they would be safer on a Cruise Ship, please lick your wounds. Shutting down NCL (and other cruise lines) will help to save lives. Proper. Whoever decided to take cruise, was simply self-centered. You didn't care about anyone else, but yourself and your vacation. JMO and I expect flames. This is how this board rolls 🤣 People who knowingly have symptoms on Cruise Ships are on vacation and are in WOO HOO mode! They do not report it. That is an offense. How many will actually report they are sick? Not everyone is on CC. Imagine all those people scrambling not on CC?! I have a cruise booked in 9/21. I already saw that I will lose 25% of my deposit if I cancel. Watch what you are booking! Stay safe everyone...
  14. Yeah...this post alerted me to something is up:
  15. Ya''ll keep on cruising. I do hope everyone's plans are not interrupted. Relax. Did you have a tornado slam your house? Did you live through that? So tired of people here with having their objective in life to score an upgrade.. Where is this world going.... JMO
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