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  1. Rules are rules. Get your uncovered/disgusting feet off the furniture. I am most disgusted by people sleeping/drooling on "pretty" pillows set all around in public spaces. How sanitary is that? Another avenue to spread germs? How often do they clean those drool-ridden accessories? Do they clean them in between self-absorbed/drooling passengers? EWW! JMO 😲
  2. I asked him about seeing the "shows". Sid/Wilson never goes to the Shows, but was hoping I could get him to deviate this time. I thought it would be hilarious to get his uncensored review of Kinky Boots. No luck in my nudging. LOL! I am sure there will be more reviews to come for Kinky Boots without torturing Sid/Wilson on this run. LOL! 🙂
  3. Wilson~ Shows: I know you never go to "Shows", but I would love to hear feedback about Kinky Boots. We all know Choir of Man is not to be missed, but Kinky Boots has like zero reviews thus far. NCL prided themselves on this Show in their reveal. Can you help others who may want to cruise on this ship about Kinky Boots? Yeah, "shows" are subjective, but... 🙂
  4. The Observation Lounge (OL) is supposed to be a great space with forward facing windows to enjoy the view. Unfortunately...
  5. Hi Wilson! I have no desire to sail on this ship, so I am strictly here for your entertaining review. The OL pics are GREAT! Those people are unbelievable and it never stops! 😲. Thanks again for real-life review rather than a commercial/advertisement for NCL. 👍 Have a great cruise!
  6. I am a fan of Spice and there is no Spice on Encore. I LOVED Spice on the Escape and never found it to be crowded with people. If someone brought their kids in, the crew immediately told them the rules and they left (on Escape and my experience). NCL: $209 (VIBE Pass) x 300 pass holders x 52 weeks = $3.2M/year for NCL (just Encore). This is assuming all passes are sold/every week and is a rough estimate. That is a hefty profit of $3M/year (minus alcohol/incidentals) just on Encore. I guess taking away public space and adding up-charge venues is truly in the best interest of NCL. I would never pay for VIBE, but that is just me. I do hope they don't mess with the Escape in drydock... JMO 🙂
  7. Just wondering...how can a person do 20 cruises in less than a year? Do you have a primary residence also? I want in! 🙂
  8. Spring Break differs all over the USA. Rule of thumb: March thru April is typically "Spring Break" for College students down thru Elementary students. It's a crap shoot...
  9. I also saw them in the Supper for a fee (Escape 10/18). They were amazing! I recently just saw them in the Theater (Escape 10/19 Cruise). The two venues are very different. The Supper Club was more "personalized". They danced all around us. I got called up for the Pina Colada Song and it was toooo fun/funny! The new venue in the theater is quite different. The show is still AMAZING and also received several encores, but it was just different. The front rows were roped off to Haven. As were other shows. Some of the worst behavior of "parents" I witnessed was in the Haven Rows with their children. They cried, screamed. Eventually they brought them out while simultaneously disrupting the show(s) for others. Haven Clientele may have the $ to acquire front row seats, but that does not give you the right to subject me to your crying kids and your oblivious attention to your misbehaved kids and disrupt the show in progress for other passengers. JMO of new venue and my experience...but Choir of Man is NOT to be missed. They ROCK 🙂
  10. Escape 10/13/19 Cruise to Bermuda: I left a note for Cabin Steward to please leave me a beach towel for excursion next day. I received a phone message stating I had to go down to pool deck to get the towel. No problem. Just take a towel, no key/room card required. Upon disembarking ship, there was also a "towel station" set up on pier (clean towels to take and used towel bin). Upon returning to ship, you just threw the used towel into the bin on pier. No key/room card needed. I am just wondering... how are all these towels accounted for and how many will mysteriously fly away to unknown destinations? How does this reduce cost and why the change? Not a big deal, but hmmm. JMO 🙂
  11. Yes. They were small (Orange) with frequent drop offs to dock.
  12. They had all the stops out for tendering passengers next to Calico Jacks. Drinks, towels, food, music. It was a party on the dock for Pax returning/leaving in Lifeboats! I did not know AIDA would be there. They were beside us at MCT before leaving. Need to research better next time to include "tendering" ships at port. LOL! 🙂
  13. Just FYI... On the 10/13/19 Escape cruise to Bermuda, AIDA was tendering in on Wednesday (first day docked). RCCL was also docked with us. The dockyard was extremely busy. Locals/crew said that it was only the 2nd time AIDA tendered. I don't recall seeing AIDA in the mix when I searched for who would be in port with us. That explains why Horseshoe Bay was extremely crowded and everything else. Three ships at Dockyard. AIDA left the next day... Point: Port Schedules may or not be accurate. "Hard docking" may be valid, but "tendering" ships may not be reflected in schedule. JMO 🙂
  14. I am heading to Bermuda on Sunday via the Escape. What is this "minor concern" you speak of? LOL! Let's hope for GREAT weather for everyone! If not, I will have a great time no matter what Mother Nature brings 🙂 Have a wonderful cruise PelicanBill!
  15. I have a feeling this thread will go to infinity and beyond! 😨
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