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  1. so im taking a cruise today and i just finished the boarding process. I had the section 4 with “Support for the Cuban people” category selected and RCI gave a big hard time with it. At first they said that i needed prior approval to go under this license, then later after many back and forth words they let me go with it, after about 20 minutes. I had to let them know that i have a full itinerary with things to do to support this category and they still tried to force me to take people to people category. My recomendation is for you to have a full itinerary to support the cuban people and be prepared to show proof just jn case. You dont need prior approval to travel under this license, you just need to document all your activities as much as possible, keep receipts and be ready to provide proof if OFAC audits you within 5 years of your trip. From all the people goong through check in, we where the only ones battling with RCI to go with this license. Be prepared to be stressed and be strong, they cannot hold you on it!!!
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