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  1. Just finished a tour with Dora today. She is as advertised and we had a thoroughly enjoyable tour. If you like Colombian Coffee, she stops at “The Dungeons” which are shops in the old Spanish walls where you can buy some.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has taken Celebrity's "Panama Canal Locks and Culebra Cut Cruise" or the "Expansion of the Panama Canal "The Present & The Future"" and what you liked, didn't like. The Locks and Culebra Cut Cruise have some warnings that the excursion may not transit all of the locks. If you were on this excursion were you able to transit all of the locks? Would you advise another excursion instead? Thanks for the advice!
  3. We have 6 ports on this have already booked Antigua and Martinique and would like experienced cruisers opinion on what to do at the above ports.
  4. Thanks for your input. I have contacted Karambole
  5. I've found a couple of companies and would like feedback from anyone who has used them. 1. French Caribbean.com 2. Beyond the Beach Tours
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