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  1. O I am sure my parents will be ok, its more that my parents are older and I worry about them watching her. I'm sure they will be ok, its more just me worrying.
  2. I actually have those, hadn't even thought to bring them.
  3. No they are old school, no facebok, though I've tried lol
  4. My mom would absolutely love to do that lol, she loves lighthouses. I've seen most of the ones on the east coast lol. I can't wait to sail along the bay. We live on the Eastern Shore of the bay and this will be a new perspective for me.
  5. Thanks, I will have to check out the tea time!!!
  6. While we are gone I have my parents watching my dog. I am hoping to be able to email home once a day just to check in with them. I looked at the internet packages but I'm not sure I need all that. Is there someone where on the Carnival Pride where you can check and send emails? I appreciate the help. We haven't left the dog for this long before so I'm a bit anxious.
  7. I saw that in a youtube video! It looks yummy.
  8. Ok def looking into buying water before hand! My kids and I don't drink soda anymore, neither does my husband so thats a nonissue for us. Alcohol will probably be a pay as . you go as well because we don't drink much anymore. Husband is allergic to a lot of different types of alcohol. Is Tea Time included?
  9. These are great! Thank you very much! I am def adding several of these to my list!
  10. I had not thought of the waterproof pouch! Thanks!
  11. jiwdurando


    Lol my mom just tells me its payback for my teenage years lol
  12. jiwdurando


    My oldest doesn't want to kayak. We love doing stuff like that but she is 12 and doesn't want to do anything we do. Its the age I hope. I think we are just going to wing it in Freeport.
  13. I have tons of those under the dress shorts so I will just pack those! I appreciate the feedback!!
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