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  1. This is what I have experienced time and again also. It's always been faster for me to just go to Guest Services. Bottom line is the Priority Guest Services assistance by phone just has not been a worthwhile benefit in my opinion.
  2. You're welcome. Also, I think you can have the shipment delivered to a UPS store at no charge so you can pick it up there. If I remember correctly, you log in to your UPS MyChoice account, access the shipment that's on its way and there's an option to have it re-routed to a UPS store.
  3. My (recent) experience has always been that the $500 cards have always been shipped by UPS and do require a signature and I was also unable to order more than two of the $500 gift cards per transaction. With a UPS MyChoice account, which is free, one can log in to their account and track what is being shipped to their address. It is also possible to have a shipment redirected to a local UPS store and the customer can then go to the store to pick up the package. I have never received a shipment confirmation from Rewards for Good and if I recall correctly, during the process of placing orders, the site does indicate that no shipment confirmation will be provided for gift cards or magazine subscriptions.
  4. Thanks to you both Sparky2 and coevan.
  5. Does this also apply to side to side cruises?
  6. Thanks for both the process and product suggestions and information.
  7. I would also call Carnival now to address the situation and get it corrected. The reason I would address it now is because too many times when trying to get various issues addressed at Guest Services when on board, I was told by Guest Services that were unable to do anything and that I would have to wait until returning home from the cruise and call Carnival in order to get the issue resolved. One issue specifically was VIFP status and Guest Services on board said they were unable to do anything. I hope you get your son's VIFP status promptly corrected and that y'all will have an enjoyable cruise.
  8. Yes, you can ignore your arrival appointment time but you still need to select one. Your boarding pass documents should indicate priority and/or FTTF IIRC.
  9. I've searched the same as you and others have reported and have found absolutely zilch. I just contacted AARP via online message and asked for verification and where we could read about it on their website. 😉 Let's see what response AARP provides.
  10. Naxer - Thanks for giving the heads up on being limited to ordering 2 gift cards at a time. I just encountered the same situation but knew what the work-around was thanks to your post.
  11. Thank you very much for sharing this info and link with us.
  12. FWIW, my experience ordering both $100 and $500 cards through Rewards for Good has been that there was no shipment notification sent to me at all. I'm glad I had created an account with UPS and saw when the $500 cards had been shipped. I checked MyRewards transaction history on the Rewards website and saw when the $100 cards where shipped. I'm not sure what it is but something must be going on with Rewards For Good and it's not a good something IMO. On an order note, I had talked up this program to a friend and I was with her when she was trying to place her first order for Carnival gift cards. The system kept preventing the completion of her order indicating that the shipping and billing addresses must match. They DID match. We cleared her browser and even tried a different browser all with the same result. She called Customer Service and this rep could not have cared less and actually told her "well I'd just go to another computer and try it." The rep's answer wasn't as much of a problem as her attitude. I'm so sorry I had talked up this program and will not be doing that again! I do hope though that you finally and promptly get your this replacement order and that it's in time for when y'all need them and that you will have a great cruise despite this current aggravation.
  13. We book directly with Carnival and have been satisfied with the cruise rates and OBC we have found and received.
  14. As someone who lives in South Florida and cruises out of both Port Everglades and Miami, here's my two cents. We have been on the 4 day itinerary on the Victory (Miami) many times and never found the sailings to be a "booze cruise" or too raucous. We are also not "party people" but enjoy the option of being able to choose from many activities throughout the day and evening if we wish to do so. It's nice to have activities available yet each day we find a shady spot on deck to relax and read.
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