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  1. Just as a heads up to anyone who had their original gift card shipped to their PO Box, Carnival sent my PO Box address to Card Fulfillment Services and they then shipped my refund (gift cards) via FedEx to the PO Box. FedEx contacted me earlier today requesting a physical street address which I provided but a few hours later returned the shipment to the shipper (Card Fulfillment Services) telling me that this shipper does not allow a shipment to be directed to anywhere other than the address on the shipping label. Why Card Fulfillment would even attempt to ship to a PO Box via FedEx is beyond my understanding. I contacted Card Fulfillment Services by email and have already received a reply that they need to contact Carnival with my "correct" address (the PO Box is correct and safer for me to receive our mail in this area and my Carnival profile has the street address) but the person replying indicated that hopefully they will be able to send the gift cards within one week to the street address. Time will tell. It's only been 4 months tomorrow since requesting the refund after all! No more pre-boarding purchases for me ever again. I'll take the suggestion (Saint Greg I believe and thank you for it if you're reading this!) and just have the gift card amount loaded on to my account once onboard. Bottom line here is if your original gift card order was shipped to your PO Box, you still have work to do in order to get your refund. Here's hoping that all who are awaiting refunds receive them very soon.
  2. For me that would mean that it's not yet time to cruise.
  3. Congratulations on getting the final payment date extended the the 15th August. I just got off the phone with Carnival, requested an extension on our final payment date (2nd August) and was told the most they could give me was the 9th August. Like so many things with Carnival, it seems the answer all depends upon to whom you get on the phone. I also expect the October sailings will be cancelled but am sure Carnival prefers to collect as much cash before ultimately deciding upon or announcing further cancellations. If and when the October sailings are cancelled however, I will be requesting a refund and am no longer considering FCC.
  4. If face masks are suggested, required or I feel that wearing one would be needed for me to safely sail, then I simply will not be cruising.
  5. Congratulations on getting the refund for a cancelled August cruise especially. I'd be so grateful. We're still waiting and calling and calling to get refunded for our May cruise that was cancelled in April! At this point, I'm not even interested in any offer of FCC/OBC.
  6. We are also of your mindset of not wanting to be the guinea pigs or among the first sailings to go. So far, we have moved our FCC to other bookings we already had previously. We are not going to book any additional, new cruises currently.
  7. No, I would not cruise under these limitations and opt to wait to cruise at whatever the later date may be.
  8. Same here. Sorry you are too and for any others who are still waiting.
  9. We book directly on the Carnival website. When there's been a price drop for which we qualified, it just took a phone call to Carnival and it was handled right then during the phone call and could not have been easier.
  10. Is guestadmin@carnival.com the e-mail address you're needing?
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