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  1. Ours told us that she doesn’t get paid by celebrity and we hadn’t put enough in the envelope at the end of our cruise. She even phoned us up in our room after we came back from breakfast to tell us on the last day. We opted to take the daily gratuity off and pay our own at the end for the people who have served/helped us the most. I was shocked and quite disturbed when she said that she receives no wage from Celebrity.
  2. I cant find the answer to this anywhere online so asking on here. Do the stateroom attendants on Celebrity Edge get paid by Celebrity? Ours told us that they got no wage and only got paid what was left for them in the little envelopes at the end of the cruise. Is that the case?
  3. Hi Can someone confirm if we can put regular sized suitcases under the bed in a IV room, If not where do people store their empty cases?
  4. We are doing our first ever cruise this August on Celebrity Edge. Our Xpress Pass on the App says to embark at 2pm. Is this something which strictly needs adhering to or can you turn up earlier? Ive noticed activity on board a lot earlier and wasn’t sure if we have to stick to the times given. We just want to get onboard and start enjoying the ship. Thanks in advance. Dave
  5. Thanks Kat228 for that valuable piece of info, it’s much appreciated. 👍🏻
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think the only booked excursion via the ship is going to be Athens, the rest of the time we’ll please ourselves so no real mad panic to be ‘first off’ the ship. Hopefully by mid morning things may have quieten down. Disappointing to hear no kettle in the room! I think we’ll be taking our own travel kettle!! As I said earlier, this is our first ever cruise so don’t really know what to expect. We’re going with an open mind as I’ve read mixed reviews, but we are really looking forward to it. Thanks again. Dave
  7. Hi Please go easy on me as this is my first post for a first time cruiser. My partner and I are booked on Celebrity Edge for an 11 night Med Cruise in August 2019. As stated, we have never cruised before so are very much looking forward to our trip. We've read many many reviews, watched countless YouTube videos, but alas still cant find the answer to a couple of questions. Firstly, how easy it to get off the boat when we have to use the Tender, we've been told by someone that when your ship tenders rather than docking, its a mad clamber to get into the tenders and big cue's form and we could be waiting hours and will have to get a ticket for a stated time! is this the case with Celebrity Edge when tendering at destinations? Also, are there tea and coffee facilities in the IV staterooms? that's something else i cant seem to find out. It would be nice to have a cuppa first thing in the morning sat on the IV. Any other helpful tips and advice would be very much appreciated. Dave
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