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  1. If so, how early? We are scheduled to board at either 12:30 or 1:30, I forget without looking. Anyway, with all the congestion I've heard about at the port, can we come through earlier, like 10 o'clockish and drop our bags off with the porters then? We are having a friend drop us off. We thought maybe this would be easier and then we could roam the quarter for a while until we board. We are on NCL if that matters.
  2. We're coming from the Westbank. Would you recommend getting off at Tchoupitoulas or approaching from the Canal street direction to avoid congestion?
  3. Thank you, Beaucajun. Les es le bon temp roule, lol. I can say it but I can't spell it.
  4. Where on Julia St? The corner of Julia and Port of New Orleans Place? How long is the bag roll from there? I see it on the map? Or do you mean the corner of Julia and Convention Center? If so, do you walk through the convention center or around it, which I think I've heard isn't the easiest?
  5. We are leaving via NCL at the Julia street terminal. My question is, is the dropoff/entry on Port of New Orleans Place or is it on Convention Center Blvd? I've seen conflicting info and there is also construction in the area causing congestion so I want to get dropped off by our friend in the right spot from the get go and avoid as much of the congestion as I can.
  6. Right. I was just thinking of getting it as a medical evacuation assistance.
  7. We're looking at doing some combination of an ATV tour, cave tubing and zip lining or maybe all 3. I'm seeing almost nothing on here about the atv rides. We did this before but it was 5 or 10 years ago and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I don't recall our tour operator. So, anyone have relatively recent experience with this?
  8. You have probably sailed long ago by now, but 5-10 years ago, we did a cave tubing/ATV adventure and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, I don't recall our operator's name. Because they had a lot of rain before and while we were there, the atv ride was quite adventurous.
  9. I know it's more of an rv thing, but it also provides medical benefits such as transportation. I just wonder if it actually works when you have to have it. I tried looking on rv forums and couldn't find any instances where anyone had used it and very few instances where other companies had been used as well. I guess when someone gets that sick, they don't ever think to post about their experiences. I just got an offer in the mail and it's only $59 right now for the 2 of us. Since I've got a cruise coming up, I figured I'd probably sign up at this price, but I know that Road service with Good Sam can not be what it's advertised. It has a hit or miss history, therefore, I was hoping to find people who have unfortunately had to have medivac or hospitalization service with Good Sam.
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