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  1. There’s some great advice here! It may not be relevant to your little one as they’re a bit older, but thought I’d add my two cents in case anyone reading this will be travelling with a younger bubba. Throw in a box of disposable bibs! They’re so convenient. The bib will keep your little one clean during the meal, then you simply pop it in the bin after your meal! No need to take cloth ones and worry about washing and drying them so they don’t get mouldy.
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied with helpful info. Sounds like our little one won’t be able to ride with a grown up (as you can do on many rides) but that’s ok, at least we know now and can manage expectations. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all. Apologies if this has been asked before, I struggled with the search function in CC! Our little one is a few inches shy of the 48 inches required to ride the Perfect Storm slides. Does anyone know whether children who don’t meet the minimum water slide height requirements to be able to slide on their own, can ride with an adult? Thanks in advance.
  4. This is all very interesting! We booked a guarantee cabin on a December cruise and are 31 sleeps out with no assigned cabin yet, which is totally fine. Our set sail pass has listed ‘Deck 2’ with an assigned muster station for a while now, but ‘Reprint’ where the cabin number should be. So, I tried the QR code trick mentioned here and presto... there’s a 4 digit room number that matches one listed on deck 2, in the right muster station zone! Can’t wait to find out for sure if it is the right cabin number, but I bet it is! Thanks for sharing this little hack!
  5. Thank you both for replying. I’ll be sure to come back and post the outcome for future cruisers. Thanks again! In the meantime, fingers crossed!
  6. Oh quick reply! Thanks! Set sail pass just says ‘Stateroom GTY’ and ‘Muster D21’.
  7. Hello everyone! Just hoping to call on your expertise / experience regarding my own booking. We booked an inside guarantee cabin (category ZI) on a Voyager of the Seas sailing in December. Our cabin is still yet to be assigned, but when I went into my account yesterday, the main page says ‘Ocean View Gty’. So I opened the eDoc but it has conflicting info. It says the cabin category is ZI (which is an inside guarantee), but then it says ‘Deck 2’. There are no inside cabins on deck 2 (as far as I can tell according to both the new and old Voyager deck plans), only ocean view cabins. Has anyone had this happen to them and ended up being upgraded? We booked the inside to save a few dollars, but would love the natural light of an oceanview. 🙂 Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. Hi all! Thanks so much for your replies. US$25pp! That’s almost AUS$150 just to get to the city and back. 😮 It’s disappointing RC doesn’t offer complimentary shuttles given they’re stopping at an industrial port where there’s no access to public transport. When we’ve stopped in Newcastle on RC, the bus to the city centre from the ship has always been complimentary. Seems inconsistent. And thanks for the advice, I too have thought about catching a taxi or Uber, but the car seat situation freaks me out! In QLD because taxis are considered public transport you actually don’t need to put a child in a car seat (they can sit on your lap), but that just doesn’t sit right with me, and quite honestly just doesn’t make any sense! You can’t (and never would anyway) let your child sit on someone’s lap in the back of your car while you drive, so why is it different simply because it’s a taxi. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But you’re right, a taxi would drop us exactly where we need to go, for the same price. As for Uber, I’ll have to look into how easy it would be to get a car with two car seats. Hrm... looks like I’ll be doing some more pondering on this one! I’d say a shuttle will be easiest option though.
  9. Wonderful. Thanks! Will be interesting to hear whether others have had similar or different experiences. Thanks again.
  10. Evening all! My family and I are visiting Brisbane on the Voyager of the Seas in December. Due to her size (can’t fit under the bridge), she’ll be stopping at the Port of Brisbane, which is an industrial area. Last time we stopped there we had family in the area, however not this time, and if I remember correctly unless you were leaving by shuttle, taxi or someone was picking you up, you were essentially “caged in”. I know RC will have shuttles to take passengers to and from the CBD. But can anyone shed any light on: - cost of the shuttle, per person - whether there’s a cost for children 3 and under - whether there are multiple drop off locations (ie. the city centre as well as Southbank etc) I’d be extremely grateful for any information anyone has to share. We’ll be travelling with a 3 year old and 7 month old so just trying to do some pre planning (mostly in my head!). Thanks in advance!
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