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  1. We were one the Oasis earlier this month. Chefs Table was the same menu we had on Ovation the past two times. They do need to change this more often, or at least let the head chef do his own menu. We also had a bad experience in Chops on Oasis, the restaurant full; one waiter in charge of 26 customers, we had to wait forever, and they still tried to get more people in. If we are paying extra, then it should be spot on every time. John 😀
  2. Hi, does any one know if the Grand Suits on Spectrum of the Seas qualify for the Gold level perks. IE- separate dinning and spa etc.Or is it only Silver level. Many thanks 😁
  3. useful link https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/09/reuters-america-update-5-new-zealand-sudden-volcano-eruption-kills-one-several-others-missing.html John
  4. Many thanks, for the reply, very helpful. John 😀🤗
  5. Are suits included for this discount, or is it only standard balcony rooms. Thanks, John
  6. Thank you for all the responses, looks like we will be in great hands. Thanks John 😀😁
  7. Hi all, we have just had a change of Genies for our upcoming cruise her name is - thanks John
  8. I will be following, I board on the 24th May 2019, can't wait. John 😀😁
  9. Thank you for the info John😁
  10. Hi A&L_Ont Many thanks for a quick reply and tips, really looking forward to it. John😁
  11. Hi, I am sailing on Ovation on the 24th of May 2019 on the Alaska cruise. We are lucky enough to be going to Star Class. Our genie is Andrei Stoica. Has anyone had any experiences with him and what should I be requesting. Thanks in advance for any replies. John
  12. We had Marla back in September, she was great. Say Hi to her from John, Pikky, Rob and A. took great care. Enjoy John
  13. I stayed in the same room on SOS back in September. It has a great balcony, good for room service breakfast and looking at the Acra show. The bathrooms are small compared to other suite rooms. The Geni service was just the best.
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