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  1. I enjoy sailing out of San Pedro since I only live approximately one hour away driving time. With the introduction of the Royal to Southern California, does anyone know what this has done to the parking situation? If multiple cruises are leaving on the same day with relatively short cruises (7 days or less), I would imagine the parking lot can get extremely full and couple this with the USS Iowa parking that on some days there may be no place to park at all.
  2. Last cruise I took on the Ruby my barrel chair was gone! (Balcony). I immediately told my steward and lo and behold 2 hours later someone appeared with a barrel chair. I saw them later stacked floor to ceiling in a supply room. I complained to Princess when I got home but we will see how far that goes. Balcony rooms really do need that extra chair. Otherwise, the one desk chair is all there is and if someone else visits your room they have to sit on the bed.
  3. I will be flying up to Vancouver next month to overnight before sailing on the Star. Does anyone have a suggestion for a nice hotel? Not too terribly expensive but perhaps in a nice area and convenience in getting to the ship the next day? Thank you in advance.
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