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  1. WE were on the same cruise room 13014 same type of room. The latitudes lady at checkin didn't have a clue the sign was to the right but she did not allow anyone in that line but directed us to the main line. Halfway down the main line was another latitudes sign on the far left too late to get into that spot.The prome rib in taste was horrible 1/2 inch thick at best and no taste at all. Le bistro does not know how to cook meat and everyones was over done. Moderno was okay if you like your beef well to over well done . Cagneys was the best food we had by far. The adult section spice h20 was basically closed the last 3 nights . One night was a crew party that had all of about 20 people at it. Guests were kicked out at ten. The last 2 nights they had movies on at spice,kids movies at the adult end of the ship. There was never any entertainment at night on deck or at spice. With the weather being great who wants to stay below deck for a cruise as soon as its dark. Only soda machine was in the arcade and did not work the entire cruise. rooms were nice and clean and elevators were not slow as some said. We prepaid for water before the cruise and later found out it was 9.00 cheaper for a 12 pack onboard. Nice ripoff Ncl. WE also rented a clamshell at stirrup cay and for the pleasure of taking your 39.00 to have some shade we were stuck at the back of the beach at least 75 yards from the water. They would not move them any closer even though there were 12 rows of loungers closer then us with no people on them. If you like nighttime entertainment choose another cruiseline NCL crams people into tiny rooms or in hallways to listen to small bands or entertainment. Only in the epic theater is there any room.Yet they do not use the H2O spice at night for any live music and it holds 1500 or so. We were on this ship last year and will never use it again. It was like night and day . Last year great even with the murder onboard and being diverted to Nassau. Buffet had the same food over and over again. If your a first time cruiser you will probably enjoy it because it is overwhelming. Seasoned cruisers..not so much
  2. A porter will take you to a much shorter customs line. At least in our cruising experience
  3. we had our luggage picked up outside the room for 9 am pickup. We walked out at 830 grabbed a porter after finding our luggage. That gets you through customs a lot faster if you get a porter its worth the 5.00. He took us to our airport shuttle location. We had prepaid a 15.00 early bird check in with southwest and they gave us A line tickets. At the airport we checked the luggage in curbside. Another 5.00 and were sitting outside the airport at 10 am bags checked and boarding passes in hand This was for a 12.35 flight so spend a fiver at port and the airport and you should be good to go
  4. Hi Has anyone taken the water taxi from Nassau to paradise island and walked to cabbage beach ? Distance ?? Safety ?? thank you
  5. Its Interesting some of the replies. First off I'm a Veteran and not scared. Secondly when we booked the cruise there was no State of emergency 10 miles from where we will dock. Look it up Falmouth is 10 miles from the parish that's in a state of emergency. Thirdly I would not book a cruise that docks in the southside of Chicago or the eastside of Detroit or Compton ca. Those comments are inane. I would think a company as large as NCL would seriously consider changing to keep up with "current events". Anyone not sailing to Falmouth in the near future has no dog in the fight. The state of emergency is until at least Feb 15th we are do to dock the 13th. I appreciate the well wishing comments Not the critical ones that are not sailing there. If we go we will do the gated area only we have a group that includes elderly and small children
  6. This should make for interesting reading http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/10-murders-over-12-hours_123749?profile=1373
  7. WE are docking 10 miles from St James Parish Please read http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/10-murders-over-12-hours_123749?profile=1373
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