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  1. Didnt seem any different than any other cruise. We got screwed by NCL and weren't allowed a FCC or any sort of compromise, so most people sailed instead of losing out on thousands of dollars. The only thing was that in the Bahamas on thursday, any Europeans aboard were allowed off the ship to fly home from there, as they wouldnt have been able to fly back to Europe from NY on sunday. But even after those passengers disembarked the next 2 days seemed the same from a passenger perspective. The crew was really great with the disinfecting procedures. The ship was entirely hands off. No self service at the buffet, no books in the library, no grabbing your own towel from the rack at the spa, etc.. it was great and very efficient. Every single chip in the casino was sanitized multiple times every single night.
  2. I can't PM you for some reason, but yes
  3. Yea, meanwhile they screwed thousands of us and told us this exactly. It was either lose thousands of dollars or take a risk for those of us who sailed on the 7th, 8th and 9th. Such a bad move of NCL's part, I could now care less what happens to them through all of this. That aside, I can say with 99% certainty that whatever you were offered from CAS this time around, you will be offered again when you re-book. I just got off the Bliss today (booked through CAS)
  4. No clue. It's all just speculation at this point. Being friends with a couple of crew members, I can tell you they are all very stressed out over the uncertainty
  5. Just off the Bliss. As of this morning, the crew was staying aboard, although it's still up in the air. Nobody from the Phillipines wants to go home, because they would have to stay in Manila
  6. Screw NCL, they've lost my business for good. I'm so turned off
  7. You are 100% correct Jamie. I know that I most likely won't contract the virus, and if I do, I probably won't die from it. My worries is that in the ship of 5000 people, all it takes is one person to exhibit symptoms and your 1 week vacation just turned into a 4 week nightmare. Of course you will always have the usual NCL cheerleaders where NCL could go #2 on their heads and they would say thanks for the hat. We aren't asking for a refund, just the ability to rebook at a later date. And bbixler, youre all over every thread comparing coronavirus to norovirus and telling everyone to get a grip, but I don't think you get how ridiculous that sounds. Get a grip because there are 15000 of us who want the same courtesy that was extended to the other 100000? When you go to a restaurant, the waiter comes over to the table and takes everyones order no? same concept here, its not that difficult.
  8. No the cruise starts on sail away time so 10am on march 6th is 55 hours
  9. You're right, but to be fair I'm not looking for a refund, just the option to reschedule that was afforded to almost everyone, regardless of trip insurance.
  10. I agree, I thought that I was missing something because my thought was theres no way NCL would do something great for most, and sell the rest of us up the river It just didnt seem like something they would do and it's such bad business. But they did
  11. To be very clear, I realize the chances of contracting the virus are slim, and let's say worst case scenario I did, I'm young and healthy and most likely wont die. My concern is that one of the 5000 passengers aboard starts showing symptoms and we get quarantined. That is probably the most likely scenario. New York just declared a state of emergency. The numbers have doubled in 24 hours, so those that are saying fear mongering, no it's just simple facts. This is how viruses spread, think of it like the old chain mail, 1 person gives to 2, 2 give to 4, and so on. Yes you could get it anywhere, but it's about playing the odds here
  12. Same here, I simply would've liked to rebook. Yet the NCL cheerleaders on here will jump all over us as though we're asking for something crazy. Are you on the bliss?
  13. This is all true, (minus the fearmongering), but I'm not sitting inside with a hazmat suit and a tinfoil hat, I just would've like the option the rebook like everyone else. I dont want a refund, just want to reschedule to a safer time. My greater concern would be getting stuck in a quarantine. Theres 5000 people aboard, all you need is that ONE person to start showing symptoms during the week and now you're on board for 6 weeks. Look what happened in the news, the quarantines are a real thing
  14. Comparing norovirus to coronavirus? Why dont you get a grip and do some research. No "fearmongering", I just would've liked the same option that everyone else had to err on the side of caution. The idea of getting stuck in the quarantine doesnt seem too appealing. The people who sail on the 10th can reschedule but those on the 9th can't. Yea that makes sense.
  15. Very interesting question. The TP in the Haven is the same as what's on the rest of the ship. I think the answer to your question is no, they don't have premium tp available
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