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  1. This is so true! I wasn’t planning on booking but the price for four people was just too good leaving from so close a port from us!
  2. Wow! So are you averaging 2-3 per year, or more? I am aiming for one a year....if we lived nearer to a port it would be more for sure.
  3. Ha ha, it’s a great problem to have that’s for sure!
  4. Oh my! I thought I was bad but you guys make me feel better!! I love cruising!
  5. So my whole family (5 of us, including my MIL) sailed on Elation to the Bahamas for my 40th in November. (Our second cruise) And now, the most amazing deal has popped up so we are headed to Cozumel in October with just my hubby and the kids (4). Oceanview, deck 5, on the Fantasy for less than $1500. I’m floored! Maybe this isn’t a great deal to you guys but we booked this price 7 years ago for just the two of us. Been to Cozumel twice already but we don’t care! The beach is the beach and the ocean is our happy place! Just wanting to express my giddiness! Now I’m off to budget, but AARP cards, and lose some weight so I can feel sexy(er) on the beach!! What are you guys planning??
  6. I did see that on You Tube so I’m sorry to miss it. Oh well. I really just hope the lines aren’t horrible when we arrive at port.
  7. Ha ha! I’m just a wino and champagne junkie. I’ll leave the hard stuff to the rest of you! 🥂🍷🍾
  8. Fingers crossed that you are right! I want a mimosa and my balcony now!
  9. Maybe they’ll prorate it. We plan to use FTTF in some other places as well so I doubt a full refund is warranted. Would be nice though!
  10. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! We’ve decided to place a positive outlook on everything that comes our way these next few days. It could always be worse! I am am not expecting compensation, and I won’t complain, but I won’t balk if they add a little OBC to our account! I can’t only imagine this ups the stress for everyone, passengers and crew alike. Imagine the room stewards who need to turnover the rooms? I’m going to have to wipe down everything with bleach wipes bc I imagine things will get missed in the melee.
  11. Update: can’t board til 4pm. All I can think is that 4000 other passengers who have also been waiting will arrive at 4pm and it will be bonkers! At least we don’t have to wait 24 hours as some have said. Lets hope FTTF will allow us a slight advantage here. We have two kids and a slightly immobile senior citizen with us.
  12. Never used this site before! thanks! Come on fog! Blow away!!! 🌬🌬🌬
  13. Gosh I didn’t realize until his post what you guys were saying about disembarking! So there’s a whole ship full of people waiting to get off the boat for us to get on? I was thinking they wouldn’t dare turnover a ship in just a few hours but I guess so! Time is money. Goodness. I sure hope they get to debark soon! Lol. For MY sake!
  14. Okay this is helpful. We have FTTF so I am thinking that more than ever this purchase will be useful. Though I’m sure all the FTTF and Plat/Diamond members will be converging at the same time.
  15. Oh I just love science nerds! Thank you for this information! Very helpful!
  16. I certainly will! Our delay is now until 11am which cuts close our original boarding time (11:30). I think we will load the car up and be at the ready in the event that they clear us. Our hotel is 13 mins away. We have late checkout so there’s that.
  17. This is amazing! I wasn’t many to sail on time, but hey, I could use a few extra thousand dollars in my pocket!
  18. I’ve read that some people are often on Lido deck by 11am so I was thinking we could early board with FTTF. I’m okay with a few hours delay, but I really hope we get to sail today.
  19. Ugh okay. No doubt safety trumps convenience so I get it. I just don’t like it. 😤 We have FTTF so we were hoping to get to port around 10:30 am. The message says they’ll update at 9am so here’s to hoping the fog dissipates before boarding. If not, I’ll reign in my impatience with a mimosa. 🥂
  20. Just got a text update from carnival saying the JAX port is closed due to fog. Is this a usual practice? What can i expect? I don’t know much about boating software tech but planes take off in fog. I would expect sonar to kick in. is there a danger that we have a delay? The weather here is actually pretty awesome today.
  21. I don’t remember this being the case so thanks for bringing this up! We are en route yo JAX now and tomorrow ought to be able to get to port as early as they will allow. Does anyone know what time they open the doors?
  22. Yes! One of the reasons our luggage is so heavy lol. We brought all the hacks! I hope we wont have to wait. But even so, I won’t worry too much. I’ll load my husband up and let him shoulder most of the burden. 😂
  23. Our carryons are a beach bag for myself and my MIL, my kids each have one small backpack and my husband has a backpack. Instead of lugging around my MIL’s garment bag we are now going to check it. Carry on wise that’s it. i think we get stateroom access before 1:30 though.
  24. Thank you all! You’ve all helped tremendously! Our car is guzzling a few more gallons of gas thanks to our overprearedness! Ha ha!
  25. Yes, we’ve have world travelled and tried really hard over the years to be “Team Carryon”. On business trips I can get by, but I have resigned to the fact that I’m just just “extra” lol. We have booked a grand suite and have FTTF so I believe we get to our rooms pretty quick tomorrow. Our check in is 11:30 so, unless something changes, we should get our luggage fairly quickly and to our room fast as well.
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