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  1. One of the joys of living in Florida! NOT!!!! Harmless, but annoying. When the palmetto berries are ripe is another wonderful time. The mockingbirds eat them in droves, then you have purple poop splotches and palmetto seeds EVERYWHERE!
  2. Yeah, mamma has a big ol' grin now that I booked Horizon. Grabbed FTTF while I was at it. Oh, and booked the tepanyaki for first sea day....
  3. So, after consulting with D.W. (Allicat), looks like we're gonna go for the FOS in December and the Horizon in April. I'll get the upcoming November Rhapsody cruise paid, get Horizon booked, then start looking at FOS for a winter 2020. Win/Win. Trying real hard to get two a year in, a shorty in spring and a 7day plus in winter. Thanks for the input gang!
  4. Arriving when to port? Plus clearing customs, getting to car and loaded, plus check in and security at OIA???? I personally would go for the later flight, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and not be stressed by making an 11:40 flight.
  5. Looking at two cruises for next April. Freedom of the Seas to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and St. Martiin. OR Carnival Horizon to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel. Carnival is considerably cheaper, but the only port I really am excited about is Ocho Rios(wife REALLY wants Jamaica). The other issue is I've never sailed Carnival, so a bit unsure of how the experience compares. The RCI itineraries for Jamaica don't really excited me so I've kind of written them off for the time being. Thoughts???
  6. Did not read all the comments. Caught some of the disapproving eye rolls. Whatever. Like some said, anything such as cuffs, restraints, etc, will probably earn you a trip to the "naughty room". Just keep in mind, the walls are really thin.....
  7. I personally loved my cruise on Empress. She's a small, intimate ship with a lot of charm. Doesn't have all the features of a new mega ship, but makes up for it with great crew and the classic cruise experience. The afternoon deck behind Boleros was a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy a quiet moment.
  8. Although I probably won't sail with them, I'm seeing Virgin has the right mindset on cruising. It's a vacation. You should be able to enjoy it fully without worrying about a big bill at the end of your stay. A look at the model that Richard Branson is rolling out sounds promising. 1.) All onboard dining is included. There isn't a buffet, but guests can dine at any of the onboard restaurants for free. 2.) No separate gratuity. 3.) All beverages included. The price point is a bit out of my range right now, and the adults only factor is going to keep a lot of folks out as well, but still, not a bad way to run a line.
  9. As most folks living in the central Florida area can attest, The Villages is quite an "active" community. One of their "tells" is the display of bath "scrunchies". They have little ones on their key rings and also fly them from the antenna of their cars and on their golf carts( you can go anywhere in the villages via golf cart).
  10. https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-line-adds-fee-for-second-entree-in-main-dining-room/
  11. As of December 2017 no. She's probably not going to I think.
  12. SailBreakaway, That was my point exactly. Rational people understand price increases over time as a normal function of business. But the cavalier attitude exhibited by the CEO of "screw 'em, we're gonna crank up prices because we can" is pretty galling.
  13. Full disclosure, have not sailed NCL yet. On my radar to try the brand as well as others. That said, I came across an online article where NCL holdings CEO basically laid it on the line, they intend to crank up prices as far as they can get away with. I'm not a Pollyanna by any means, and I understand that NCL is a business. It's main focus will always be to provide a healthy return to its investors. But this kind of stuck in my craw a little bit. Instead of, "we will look at ways of increasing revenue while striving to make our customers experience more enjoyable and exceeding their expectations", we got So weโ€™re focusing on price; weโ€™re pushing price higher everywhere we can both in 2019 and 2020,โ€ he said. โ€œWhile we still have a lot of cabins to fill, the emphasis will be on raising prices across all three brands". Just......Wow.....article link below. Maybe loyal NCL customers can register their displeasure with the board and they can reassess their strategy? https://skift.com/2019/02/21/norwegian-cruise-boss-zeroes-in-on-higher-prices/amp/
  14. You usually want the fish to bite before you set the hook!๐Ÿ˜‚ Once she's booked, I definitely will point her over here to get some first time cruiser helpful hints. Maybe you could make a "safe room" for expectant first timers to keep all the jaded D+ and Pinnacles from contaminating their enthusiasm????๐Ÿ’
  15. Thanks for the input guys. (Even the sarcasm)๐Ÿ˜‹ Explained all this to her today, she said she'll probably go through a TA to get it done.
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