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  1. We love to snorkel and our last trip in Cozumel I found an extremely old and worn Conch shell. Pitted, horn tips broken, several holes, color completely bleached away. But we thought it was neat because we had found it. A friend who has a little gift stand there had also given my daughter a conch shell that was shined and prettied up. Going through security to get back on the ship, they let her keep the clean one but confiscated the old broken one because it did not look as though it had been cleaned and sanitized. They did let her take a few smaller shells and pebbles she found on the beach. Ours also wasn't the only shell in the pile, either. Wasn't embarrassing or anything, but still won't do that in the future.
  2. How long of a cruise? Which port are you cruising from? All things equal, I would sail the Dream. Been on her before and she is a great ship.
  3. Actually, our cruising buddy is limited in his mobility and when he is going to be walking a lot, he uses a small electric scooter. When we go to board, they generally put him in a wheelchair and take him up an elevator. There are usually quite a few wheelchair attendants helping people to board. Now in port, it is a slightly different matter. But I know there was a woman in a wheelchair on our tender at Grand Cayman in January. They were very helpful getting her on and off the tender at both the port and ship.
  4. That's a shame. I got busy last time I was on the Vista and missed the chance to ride it, and was hoping to maybe be able to do it in Oct. Maybe they will get the issues figured out.
  5. I have seen several people with these on a cruise and haven't noticed any issues with them getting around. Just take a little more care around the pool, and prepare yourself for having to wait on the elevator. You might also let the maitre d in the MDR know, so they can find a table that is convenient for you.
  6. We were on her in January and she was nice and clean. We will be on her again in October, so I will update IF that has changed. If you don't see an update, then everything was ship shape (intended, yes)
  7. If you aren't drinking much then you should definitely come out ahead, especially if you watch for the drink specials. We have only cruised balcony, but our cruisin buddies only cruise inside. Just like being able to go out on the balcony and watch the water, or sit there sipping my coffee/wine/tea/etc. while I read a book without having to worry that getting up to use the bathroom will compromise my spot.
  8. It was $12.95 for adults. Which really isn't too bad considering they were showing stuff that had just released. Our cruise was on Jan. 27th and we saw "Glass" which had just been released on Jan. 18th. We actually waited to see it since we knew it would be shown, just to have the experience. The price is in line with most first-run movie theatres. John Heald usually has the list on his Facebook page. The last one I found was from July 25th and the IMAX movies for that next week were Toy Story 4, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Hobbs and Shaw.
  9. Sailing on Oct. 5th so hopefully most of these will be showing still. Looks like an AWESOME lineup for sitting in a lounge chair, eating fresh popcorn and drinking a root beer float!
  10. If you have the time there is a Walmart on the island. As well as several grocery stores and walgreen's and CVS. All very convenient for picking up a 12 pack.
  11. We have sailed both the Dream and Breeze and the Breeze is our favorite (we even like her more than the Vista!) The only real con I can think of is that they got rid of Tandoor last year (the indian place on the aft deck). Other than that, the layour is pretty near perfect! We loved the way they had a small dance floor and music set up right next to the Alchemy Bar. It was great for listening to the bands and having a drink after dinner. Doing a little dancing as well! The water park was a lot of fun. Especially after sailing the Vista, we really liked the way the auditorium was set up. Great venue for watching the shows and not nearly as many blind spots as the Vista. Also we liked that it had tables for your drinks or snacks. As others noted, for the number of people this ship holds, it never felt crowded to us. Also, do yourself a favor and drop by Afternoon Tea one sea day. Tasty little snacks and very relaxing. They also had the string trio playing music there during tea (the Vista did not, for whatever reason). Have fun!
  12. While they keep them for you until the end of the cruise, they do usually have some pretty good sales. We always get a couple of bottles of Crown when they have them 2 for $40 (the 750ml size).
  13. If you've never tried it before, then this winter, do yourself a favor. Pour some in a pot, and slice up an orange. Float the orange slices on top and bring it almost to a boil. The hotter temperature changes it and brings out a bit more of the citrusy flavors in it and it is a completely different taste than one that has just been sitting around and got hot. Great for a sore throat and very soothing on a cold day. In fact, you can find it at the concession stands of a lot of the high school football games in the winter months! I like mine icy cold too, but in the winter it makes a nice change from hot tea!
  14. It's a shame Dublin Dr. Pepper is a thing of the past. But I know that as a true Texan you also drink Hot Dr. Pepper, yes?
  15. Our last two cruises it was at around 9AM on the first sea day. We were the only two to show up for the first one (out of about 50 people signed up). On the second one there were about 10 or so that showed up (out of about 50 people, again) It was nice on the second one to talk to a few people and trade some tips and secrets, however I wouldn't build up to much anticipation for it. We did get a notice in our room each time, so not sure why the attendance was so low.
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