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  1. That makes sense, ok thank you!!! I've been on the phone waiting for their cust support for over an hour, posting on CC was faster! thank you again fusion927!
  2. This is a great answer! Thanks so much, the big part of what I was missing was that any "extra" is saved in your account and can be used for future cruise. So you are thinking that "second" cruise would need to be book by Sept 2020. Do you know how far out that "Second" cruise could be, for example could it be for a 2022 cruise?
  3. Hi guys, I apologize in advance on how dumb this question is going to seem to most of you. To be honest I don't get why I can't grasp this concept, but I guess its just messing with me, maybe it the COVID isolation lol. Anyway here it goes: What does 125% FCC actually mean? For example, lets say my cruise that was cancelled cost me a total of $7K for the two rooms I booked. Do 125% of that is around $9K lets say. So now I have $9K to book on a future cruise? What if the future cruise I book is only $5K, do they give me $4K back in credit??? Or am I "forced" to book a more expensive cruise in order to use the $9K??? Sorry, I told you it was going to be a dumb question
  4. Thanks for the link and comments- I just looked up the fare and it was about $60 for adult one way. Seems pretty reasonable. I think they will also add on the ferry fare to that. Given I'm traveling with two elderly people who don't want to carry bags or walk or get taxis for everything it seems like a great deal. Unless I'm missing something.
  5. I believe what you've written above but having a hard time finding the service you mention in the BC Ferries website. I can't find the service that leaves from Canada Place. Perhaps I'm on the wrong link. If you have a moment and can reply with the link of the information on the service you mention above that would be great! thanks!
  6. Good to know, its been 30 years since ive been. But anyway, so yeah, from Vancouver to Vancouver island, specifically the town of Victoria.
  7. Thanks, good to know. If I do it on my own I'll probably rent a car. I was wondering if HAL had any sort of post cruise package to get you there, book you in a hotel and then on to the airport a couple days later. Probably not. Second option would be to rent a car.
  8. Does anyone know if HAL will book a transfer package from Vancouver port to Victoria island following an Alaska cruise? Or has anyone done it on their own?
  9. thats a brilliant idea actually! have never seen anyone do it but i love the idea. looking forward to read the responses to see if anyone has experienced doing this
  10. Ah got it! Thanks for sharing. You made me realize I need to keep up better with the latest promotions. It really can make a difference in savings as long as you are open to changing plans/ships if needed. thanks!
  11. What is the princess sailing that was just released that you are referring to, if you don't mind sharing? thanks!
  12. Dumb question of the day: Is it ever possible a TA (or PVP) could offer you a really really good perk like a free drink package for booking with them? Or is it almost always just the OBC type of perk?
  13. Atlanta Cruiser72- can you share where you have heard those "8/1" rumblings to the Explore 4 startup? thanks!
  14. Does anyone know if/when Explore4 will be offered WITH SIG DRINK PACKAGE for HA cruises starting from May 2020? It seems like the Explore4 package they have out now does not include a drink package.
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