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  1. Thanks for the useful info!! That may very well be true! For the record...I don't think ANYONE is claiming the cruise line doesn't have the right to change cruises/itineraries, of course they do. The POINT is, I booked a cruise strictly based on itinerary, period. AND this is 9 months before the cruise, not DURING the cruise. I paid my deposit on a product. Now the cruise line changed the itinerary. The product has changed.. Those that booked that changed itinerary should be allowed to cancel without penalty.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! I understand all about cruise contracts...this is my 20th cruise. Thank you. I have had itineraries changed before....usually DURING the cruise for an event unforeseen, usually weather related. Stopping at Virgin Gorda was THE reason for this cruise....I've never known of any larger cruise ship stopping here, hence booking a cruise aboard this smaller/30 year old ship. "To improve your vacation experience, we've replaced our visit to Virgin Gorda with Tortula..." I didn't ask for an "improvement". I supposed once they have $500 of which $200 they are guaranteed to keep, one should not be surprised of more "improvements" in the future. Tatka above...You are pretty much on point with exactly my thoughts. I appreciate the thoughts on Tortula to Virgin Gorda. I may do exactly that! I'm gonna call RC and see.
  3. Have Empress of the Seas booked and have for quite a while. The MAIN draw for this cruise was it was going to two ports we have not been to, Puerto Plata AND Virgin Gorda. So got a notice yesterday that Virgin Gorda had been scratched and Tortula was substituted in its place. I've been to Tortula and really wasn't interested in going back. So what recourse to I have? Of course this cruise was booked with a no-refund deposit. Can I now cancel the cruise and have the deposit refunded to me? Can I change cruises to a DIFFERENT Royal Caribbean cruise with no change fee? I'm afraid I'll just have to swallow the itinerary change OR forfeit the $500. Thanks for you help!
  4. Good morning, I have a couple of questions hopefully y'all can answer! Will be on Rotterdam in little more than a week! Are mimosas included when eating breakfast at Pinnacle Grill? Am I seeing different answers for different ships? What are the benefits of booking a cruise while aboard the ship? Thank you!
  5. I like the Neptune Suite and and the perks that are included. Same for a CS on Celebrity, GS/OS on Royal, GS on Carnival, etc, etc. Booking a suite usually allows me to sort of purchase benefits normally associated with those that are high up in cruise line loyalty WITHOUT actually being that loyal. Booking a suite allows me to pick the cruise line and itinerary I want and still get many if not most of a cruise lines loyalty benefits. I also usually get perks not even associated with loyalty benefits. For ME, it's the way to go. When booking a suite, I also move up the loyalty ladder QUICKER! That is except for Carnival. So for my Rotterdam cruise coming up, I am looking forward to: 1. Priority boarding. More time on the ship and less time waiting 2. Pinnacle grill breakfast. A table for two, thank you. Mimosa's with breakfast is a nice touch! I'll have a few! 3. Concierge...sometimes I may need a problem sorted out or maybe a special request 4. Neptune lounge...quick snack...on the same deck. Easy to meet other passengers too 5. Huge balcony. One of my main reasons for booking a suite. I like to see and relax where I can see the ocean...otherwise, why cruise? Also PLENTY of room for breakfast and/or dinner on YOUR balcony. Does it get any better than that? 6. A PLETHORA of storage and hanging space. We need it! 7. Coffee maker. I enjoy making my own coffee when I want it. Maybe other cabins on HA have that. 8. I'll have some hors d'oeuvres a couple of afternoons before dinner. 9. I'm also going to enjoy the included sparkling wine and bottled water 10. Thankful for the double cruise points 11. May even how some laundry done. Nice to have that option included 12. Really like the extra space! Almost like home. Big couch. Coffee table. Don't touch the foot of the bed and the wall at the same time..very easy to get around. So MUCH of the above is really hard to put a price on. Beyond the sparkling wine, water, and laundry...you really CAN'T put a price on being in a suite. Don't get me wrong...I could enjoy a cruise on ANY cabin on the ship. I work hard and my time here is short and I want to enjoy my journey as best I can. I'll be staying in a suite as long as it's financially possible.
  6. Wow! You killed me on price! Yep....you sure can't beat that!
  7. Thanks for the GREAT responses! So this AM I checked and 6132 is BOOKED and the other three still available. I went ahead and booked 6145 for myself! If everything stays as is....two FULL loungers and looks like a nice sized table on the balcony. JFYI....out the door with BEST package $5361.70. Thanks again!
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