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  1. We have done sky class on the Oasis but we are thinking of doing a haven room next on Norwegian. I’d love to hear more about which you liked better or 2hat others think.
  2. Hi, We cruised for the first time last August in a Grand Suite on the Oasis. It was amazing. I didn’t know it at the time but we must have gotten an amazing rate. When I look for next summer now, the rates are almost double on the Grand Suite for the summer on all 7 day sailings of similar ships. I wondered if others on here had found that RC tends to decrease rates as we get closer? Thanks for any feedback!
  3. We did our first cruise this summer on Oasis. We did a grand suite with a rate of about $1800/person. It also included gratuities on two adults. We reserved in Feb. I’m looking at suites for summer now on Oasis clas#. and they are much higher than that. Does anyone know pattern of rates? Will they lower into new year?
  4. My husband, 10 year old son, and I did our first cruise this summer on Oasis in a Grand Suite. It was amazing. I have been looking at cruises for next year and feel drawn to the Anthem. I know it’s smaller but it seems like it has lots of fun things for a family. I have appreciated advice from this Board. What do people think of Anthem for a family like us? What will it seem like after Oasis? As a family, we love to be busy and try new things! I also love good food!
  5. We had same question about bev package with sky class. After our cruise (and we are moderate drinkers on vacation) I say pay by glass. We did that plus bought two bottles of wine at MDR when we went twice for dinner and cost way way way below beverage package. We did geT a lot of lunches though in CK and dinners there. It was relaxing up there!,,,
  6. IMO Coastal Kitchen was much better. Breakfast lunch and dinner!,, and I’m a food snob.
  7. we were on Oasis in August and sent an email to Concierge 3days before cruise to make reservations for times we wanted. There were some issues with getting different times once on board so I would make reservations. We loved Coadtal Kitchen!
  8. My husband wore shorts at dinner in coastal kitchen. There were lots of men in shorts and polos. He felt very comfortable. Make sure you go to Captains meet and greet in lounge. That was fun!
  9. Oasis was our first cruise and we were in Sky Class. We loved Coastal Kitchen. I agree there were repeat people that the staff gushed over, but it didn’t interfere with our enjoyment. I loved lunch and dinner there! It was so relaxing!
  10. I am trying to convince my DH to do this same trip in 2019. Love review of train up I 95! We are in Va Beach so can’t wait to hear about Bermuda!
  11. The shows were ok. I have a 10year old son so he wasn’t very interested in them but we went to 3 different shows 😃
  12. We were on the same cruise! We had a wonderful time and thought the customer service was excellent. It was our first cruise! And you are right there were only brief moments when I felt like ship was moving! It was spectacular. I’m sorry that wasn’t your experience.
  13. We are on Oasis now. We were nervous about what to do in St Marteen! After our visit no question ... Take a water taxi to the beach. Walk down to Holland House (several recommended it). It was perfect. $25 for 2 chairs 4 Drinks. Bathrooms. It was awesome!our favorite spot!!! We did walk there and that was a little iffy... but we were fine. No one bothered us! People super nice!! Beach not trashy at all. Def take the water taxi! We have a 10 year old. He loved it. He and his dad also got on the jet ski.
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