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  1. Thank You Thrak for the recommendations - Sounds like something her daughter and husband would like. They are going there with friends just to fish.
  2. My Cruise buddy and I are booked on the Golden this summer for a two week cruise out of San Pedro. Her daughter and son-in-law are going to be in Ketchikan the same day we are there. She was wondering if they could come aboard and visit us on the ship. Good question and I have no idea, but I am sure someone on this board will know.
  3. Thank you for posting that, it was very interesting. Not surprised it happened in Cozumel, seems like we see more ships in port there than anywhere else.
  4. Went into my Princess account and it said "20 total cruise sailed" so my next cruise on Nov 2nd should be my 21st cruise and I should get an extra $25.00 obc. I took a screen shot with my phone so I could have verification. Wonder why I never knew this before.....😎
  5. Thank everyone for your input - I did want to let everyone know that I got a call from the Customer Relations Dept about my friends problem and my long hold time. A lovely lady named Kim H. is going to help them with getting the cruise booked that they want and also get him his military credit. She could not have been nicer. Since I cruise with Princess a lot, it just made me feel good that they did this.
  6. I called the Princess 800 number this morning to ask them a question for a friend of mine who is 90. He can not find his DD214 and his records were destroyed in a fire at the records center many many years ago. He wants to go on the Royal on Nov 2nd. I gave them his Captains Circle number and they found him in their records. He wanted to know if there was any other way to verify his military service. They put me on hold so they could contact another department. I was put on hold for over 1 1/2 hours, they came back on twice to tell me they were still checking. Since I have a life, I had to finally hang up but I am really unhappy with their customer service. Is this normal??
  7. RMMariner - That reply just made be laugh out load.....🤣
  8. I did this morning but got in just about an hour ago
  9. Getting on the ship when you get off, so I will be following 😎
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