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  1. Awesome. Thank you do you think 2 weeks is enough or should I do 3 weeks? we have a fair size group so need the biggest table size they have available. thank you kim
  2. Good afternoon, Does any know if you can still contact the Maitre D on a ship to request your group be seated together? Is it still about 2 weeks out? Does anyone have the address for the contact person on Breeze? Thank you Kim
  3. Good afternoon, I haven't cruised on the Spirit class for awhile but I know there use to be a link that you could see which of the deck 4 obstructed view cabins have a bit of a view inbetween the life boats. Can someone point me in the right direction Thank you Kim
  4. Does any one know what the formal nights are on Breeze out of Port Canaveral? want to prebook the steakhouse but not on formal nights. thank you KIM
  5. Good morning. i am a huge planner and looking ahead to 2020 out of Venice, the ones that go to Croatia, Kotor, Greece etc. anyone have any insight to what dates and cruise will be available for May-June 2020? thank you Kim
  6. i have checked the RCCL website and couldn’t find it, After getting of Rhapsody of the Seas in Venice could I make a 12:00 (noon) flight out of Marco Polo? Thank you Kim
  7. I tried searching for this hotel under the best western website and couldn’t find it. Would you happen to remember the exact address? I can find Hotel Continental is that the same one? Thank you
  8. Thank you all. Sorry for the late response. I didn’t get any alerts. I will do some checking into these recommendations. I may have more questions. :)
  9. looking for suggestions please Flying into Marco Polo airport. Is this close to the port? Tried google search but I couldn’t locate the port address Any suggestions on hotels for 1 night pre-cruise? Not super expensive but safe; clean and convenient to the airport and port. Thank you Kim
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