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  1. Just off the Dawn last week. I booked a SE penthouse (forward facing) and called 3 weeks prior to sailing and asked about moving up to 1 of the 3 open DOS. They said no problem and no charge! If they feel they can sell/upgrade your current room faster then selling a higher end room I think they would do it.
  2. I was standing on pier 60 getting on a wedding cruise as she sailed by! I'll be on the Dawn Saturday and can't wait.
  3. Besides the obvious extras included with the dos has anyone noticed better treatment from staff or the bulter/concierge while staying in the dos vs a regular suite or Haven room?
  4. I upgraded from SE to SA and kept all my obc. I guess it depends on what ncl wants to do.
  5. Booked SE on the dawn. Noticed the DOS suites were all open and SE was sold out 3 weeks from sailing. Called and asked how much to switch rooms. They gave me the DOS for no extra charge. Kept all my obc. They listed my old room for more then I paid and was sold out again 1 day later. I booked through a travel agent. Still can't believe it worked!
  6. Thank you all! I think I will try to search for a list of the included bottles. Good to know about the lights! Hoping for working ac as I remember how hot the spinnaker lounge was on the jewel.
  7. Booked a fwd facing balcony (SE) on the Dawn out of NY. Thought I got a pretty good deal with $200 obc and an extra latitude point per day. Saw the prices drop yesterday but still more then I paid and decided to call and ask. My travel agent called me back and said that NCL is going to upgrade you at no extra charge and you get to keep all the OBC and perks! I loose out on the huge balcony but I get to wake up to that amazing view. Tell me I made the right choice! Hope this helps anyone. Now do I tell my wife or surprise her? This is our 1 year wedding anniversary gift!
  8. I'm going to throw a wrench into this conversation because why not. I worked for NCL 8 years ago. Lets say the service charge was $13 pppd. For a full cruise on my ship that's about $191,000. We had 900 crew. That's $212 per week per person. (not everyone gets the DSC) In my paychecks the DSC averaged around $120-150 every 2 weeks. Now they did throw us parties and extra activities but I never thought the math added up.....
  9. So I live 15 mins from a beach. Why go on vacation and do something that I can do at home? The villas makes it way more interesting to me. I understand some people don't get to go to a real ocean beach very often and the normal lounge chairs or cabanas would be fine. I just see the villas as an opportunity to have a different type of experience then what I am used to at home.
  10. My wife and I did our honeymoon on the jewel NB last year! We did the same research as you are right now and had a great time. It's all about the itinerary! We were so tired that most nights we stayed in the room and relaxed. I 100% suggest getting the balcony. We didn't have to fight to see any of the glaciers and had the extra money to spend on excursions. Do the jewel, you will have a great time!
  11. Not sure if it's available to you (suites and haven only) but I get the whole "hate the beach day" thing and that's why we booked a villa at great stirrup cay. AC, TV, private bathroom, special buffet, drink service, and if you want you can still go in the water!
  12. No problem! I got that phone number from the lady listed above so I figured I'd update this so she doesn't get her phone blown up by all of us. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. Call 1-800-456-7298 for the cruise benefits department. Explain that you submitted and have not received the benefit yet and they will fix it for you!
  14. If you call into the shore excursion line you don't have to prepay! If you book online you will prepay.
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