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  1. We were told when sailing on Equinox last fall that Silk Harvest would not survive the remodel.
  2. The concierge extra offerings seem to vary by ship and concierge. We've been on both Equinox and Reflection in the past six months. Sail-Away- Offered on both. On Reflection, bad weather cancelled the event and it wasn't rescheduled. Cheese Tray - Had no trouble substituting on either ship. Luncheon - Was great on both ships. So nice not to shlep luggage around the buffet with everyone else. Galley Tour - Was offered on Equinox, was never offered or mentioned on Reflection. Slot Tournament - Was never offered or mentioned on either ship. (No biggie, wouldn't have gone)
  3. SHIP: Reflection CABIN #: 1138 DECK #: 10 CLASS: Concierge AREA: Starboard Side, Aft Bump BED NEAR: Door/Bath QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: Excellent. Angled bump means you can't see front of ship, but then again, bridge can't look in on you! BALCONY SIZE: Slightly deeper than normal due to bump out WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Excellent room. Adjacent to elevators but no elevator noise.
  4. IP is right. If you try to use an AED and it's not going to help, the spoken instructions from the device will tell you "Shock not advised. Continue CPR"
  5. Very limited selection. Kinda used as a take-on, leave-on library. Darren brought a copy of his novel published five years ago to leave behind for guests.
  6. Was told on my November Equinox cruise that glass blowing would survive the retrofit.
  7. Just ask your room steward. Same with the cheese plate substitution.
  8. DAY 10 - AT SEA Wasted day? You be the judge. Woke up late (no 7am arrivals!) but woke up tired. Couldn't decide if it was just because I didn't sleep well or the change in wake cycle. In either case, I wanted to do breakfast at the MDR but wife didn't want to get too dressed up, and wanted to get quickly to pool deck, so we did my dreaded Oceanview buffet. We lounged at the pool all morning, with me avoiding the sun since I've wisely recognized any additional sun will turn me from "you-got-some-sun-on-vacation" to "man-you-look-like a-lobster." After a relaxing morning watching the sea go by and listening to books on tape, we grabbed a quick lunch. My wife wanted some sun, so I stayed in the room and grabbed a quick nap. Actually, it ended up being a three-hour nap! When she returned, we sat on our balcony for a while, and had a good chat about our 20th Anniversary trip next April. We wanted to rack up some more Celebrity points with a European tour, but with Apex and Edge doing the heavy lifting over there, Celebrity has raised the prices so high that we might as well organize a trip ourselves. That devolved into a discussion about Eurorails and shlepping luggage everywhere, so after a while we decided to stop thinking about future vacations and just enjoy the one we were on. Unfortunately for me, my wife wanted to avoid the last formal night and stay in the room. I had been in the room all afternoon, but was the good husband, and went down to order and pick up sushi on five and return to the room. I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities today, and with tomorrow our last day on the ship, I'm going to be up early to try and soak in the last days' activities. With a lazy day, I have few observations: Learned that one of the nicknames staff give cruisers who just stand in the middle of the aisle ways, elevator doors or slowly waddle by holding up those behind them is "traffic cone." Don't be a traffic cone. I'm now convinced checking Celebrity's site for how many rooms are available is a waste. They clearly have not sold as many rooms for next summer on Edge and Apex as they're saying. This ship showed completely full online just weeks before the sailing, but it's not full. Interesting to me how closely we sail to the Cuban coast. I remember the days when ships would avoid it for fear of running into lots of people sailing out hoping to climb on. Amazingly calm seas this trip. Even in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, we've had no more than 2-3 foot waves. Still trying to figure out something to do in Fort Lauderdale from 9am to 3pm while we wait for our flight. Too short a window for a long excursion or a trip to the beach. Any ideas?
  9. I would do either the snorkeling tour or the golf carts. Now that we've done the latter, next time we would do the former. The offshore snorkeling is a little better on the southern (unpopulated) beaches, but to see the really good reefs you really need someone on a boat to take you offshore.
  10. Yes, al Bacio on Reflection still has the gelato stand on the opposite side of the sitting area from the coffee bar!
  11. I have the blue one attached to the back of my cellphone cover/case and it’s been very convenient. If you get your card punched for a lanyard, the little slit makes it easier to pull out of the case.
  12. On Reflection now and ate there earlier. Tables for 2, 4, 6, and one that looked like it handled 8 or 10.
  13. The moral here: “Chicks be crazy!” — young and old alike.
  14. It’s also worth mentioning that an AED is only appropriate to use when your heart is in arrhythmia. If it’s stopped entirely, an AED is of no use and won’t do anything.
  15. Rest assured if darling hubby needs an AED, any staff member -- even the busboys or pool attendants -- know where the closest one is and how to use it. And with their radios, they'll have a medical response to you before you realize.
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