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  1. This is great to know - thanks. Yes, fruit's my go-to if I feel like dessert.
  2. RW_MI

    LFK or West Bay Beach

    May I ask how much you paid to do that? I was in Roatan in November, and took off to snorkel on my own. A guide swimming with a ring (to pull people) followed me out and wouldn't leave me alone. I finally decided to let him give me his guided tour, but he wouldn't give me a price and just said "whatever." I warned him that I didn't have a lot of cash with me (true), so only ended up giving him $25. I'm going back in a week, and want to bring enough this time, but I don't know what their expectation is. Any guidance (I realize yours was on a boat) would be helpful. Edited to add that I also thought the West Bay snorkeling was amazing and a "don't miss" opportunity.
  3. I realize that "healthy" means different things to different people, but I needed a short title! I prefer meats and seafood that aren't fried or greasy, whole grains, and lots of veggies (like them best with no butter). Eating out is usually a compromise, and that's fine, but if anyone has any tips for finding this type of food on the Navigator (besides the salad), I'd appreciate hearing them. For example, I did a Carnival cruise and they had really good grilled salmon available every night in the MDR. I'm thrilled to be cruising Royal again -- just need a little help finding my favorite foods without being a princess about it!
  4. Paulette - if you highlight just the words you'd like to quote, then release your mouse button, a "quote selection" box will pop up. Click on it, and just the text you highlighted will be quoted.
  5. Traveling day of for a Friday departure, arrive at MIA about 11:30 and would like to get wine to take on board. There will be three of us using Uber, Lyft or taking a taxi. We're not wine connoisseurs at all, so almost any convenient place would work. I'm sure there are a ton of posts on this, so I tried searching, but got a bunch of irrelevant posts and no good suggestions, so your help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Are there expected dates for the chat feature to go live on specific ships?
  7. I agree - may cancel mine since there often are only a few.
  8. The cooler/fridge is in a cabinet (at least in the cabins I've had), and if you leave the cabinet door ajar, it will help keep the fridge colder. I should clarify that I read to do that, tried it and it seemed to work very well, but I didn't have any way to measure a before and after temp.
  9. Yep, my personal preference, but I don't expect everyone to find value in it. As a woman traveling solo, I prefer to bring as little cash as I can while still being confident I have plenty. The amount I need varies by hundreds depending on shore excursions/activities. So this works for me and only takes a couple minutes.
  10. Where did you find the option to scan your passport? I looked under "Complete your account info" and don't see it there, or anywhere else that I checked.
  11. I have a spreadsheet with my packing list, and use a separate tab to estimate cash for each cruise. It also helps to estimate how many singles I want to bring for various smaller tips. It can vary quite a bit from cruise to cruise. I list out each port and what I might need for excursions, food, taxis, etc. For the ship I list room attendant, and room service tips (but I usually don't use room service). I have lines for porters, taxis and airport food. I'm not a big souvenir shopper, but of course list that too, especially if you might be buying from beach vendors.
  12. That's super helpful - thank you! I'm not a big eater or drinker, and like your wife, I usually avoid sugar. (I like her water/Absolut idea!)
  13. Great and helpful review! I'm just in the process of choosing between Blue Kay and Jaime's on the Blue Reef (AI). There have been so many conflicting reports about the beach setup, cost, etc. at Blue Kay that I've been leaning toward Jaime's, but now? Maybe not! Those pictures look great! Were the drinks decent at Blue Kay? I'm not a big drinker, so two is plenty if they're good! Also, Jaime's is less than a mile down the beach, has gotten really good reviews, and is $50 pp for the all inclusive. How does that sound compared with what you spent per adult at Blue Kay?
  14. I'm trying to decide between Blue Kay and Jaime's on the reef. Blue Kay cost you $12 each for chair + 2 drinks, plus ~$20 each for lunch, right? Some people have posted that they've enjoyed the snorkeling at Blue Kay, even though it's not fantastic. That makes me lean toward Blue Kay. I like the AI idea, though, even though I'm not a big drinker. I like being able to try a few different foods when I'm there. Jaime's is $50 AI and all the reviews I read were extremely positive. No snorkeling, but apparently you can take a reasonably-priced boat out to the reef. It doesn't look far if I wanted to walk down by Blue Kay and try the snorkeling. The nice part is that I'm sure I'll have a great time no matter where I end up!
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