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  1. What is included in the Sandal's day pass?
  2. Sometimes, depending on capacity, Sandel's at Cable Beech offers day passes. It is nice.
  3. As Bikerunner said, buy the upgrade onboard and the person (bartender or server) you buy it from gets the tip. If you wait a day or two, you only pay for the remaining days.
  4. When hiking, if you come across any bear scat, and if it smells like bear spray and has bells in it, Grizz are in the area and you should leave!
  5. If you are adventurous, rent a boat from Icy Straight Lodge and fish on your own. They can tell you where to fish and how. I wanted to do it last year, but my party was worried about the safety. When we were in port, and during the whole 7 day cruise. the water was almost like a bathtub. Otherwise. I have read very good things about Ear Mountain referenced above.
  6. I am no expert. I went on one cruise, on the Celebrity Millennium to Alaska. We (2 couples, age 57 to 65) thoroughly enjoyed this ship and cruise. The Millennium was renovated last year and was very nice. We ate dinner one night with a travel agent who had been on many, many cruises. He said Celebrity was the best. I am sure this is very subjective. All that said, if you are a "the glass is half full" kind of person, you will love any of them. It is a great trip. Pick a cruise and never look back.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have been on one cruise, too Alaska. We loved it and are cruising to Bahamas this year. We are planing where to go next year. Tell me about the Horn of South America! What cruise line, ports and how long? Did you see the southern cross?
  8. I did the train trip, taking the bus up and train back down. We loved it but somehow missed Emerald Lake. That was a miss on my part. I thought the excursion I bought went there. Be sure to ask.
  9. Google fishing guides in ISP, or if you are a fisherman and adventurous, rent a boat from Icy Straight lodge and fish on your own. The bay is usually calm. They will tell you where to go. There is a tackle store in downtown Hoonah. You can also fish a lot of places from shore in ISP near the ship dock. The tackle store will tell you the lures to use.
  10. My 2 cents: Ride the White Pass Railway in Skagway. The little town is fun to walk and shop too. We did Juneau and Ketchikan on our own and had a great time. Pick up a local tourist map in Juneau and walk to whatever you want to see or catch a cab. That time of year the salmon may be running. You can fish on your own in Ketchikan. There is a large tackle store at the cruise ship docks, and there is a place you can rent rods on Creek street right across the bridge over Ketchikan Creek. Walk from there out to the jetties by the cruise ships next to the marina. You can catch salmon right there. Buy your license at the tackle store by the dock. Restaurants are abundant.
  11. I would like to know how you compare and contrast the Cunard QE with other cruise ships? We cruised Alaska last year, and it was our first cruise. We want to go back. We went on Celebrity and loved it. Have you been on other cruise lines that you can compare? Also, you mentioned the ship rolling a bit. We did not experience that much at all on the inside passage. Were sea conditions rough? Do you believe the QE to be less stable than other ships? Thanks. -Jim
  12. In a few short sentences, what is your favorite week-long cruise destination and why? For context, I am asking about cruises in which child entertainment is not necessary.
  13. The deck plan I have shows that cabin in in the bow, facing forward. You will be in the front of the ship. I have not stayed in that cabin but would like it. I have read on this board that those forward facing cabins below the wheel house must keep the blinds closed at night to reduce glare for the pilot. If it is an Alaska cruise, that may not be the case. I would ask Celebrity.
  14. Four of us all upgraded to the premium package and found that it was worth it just for San Pellegrino. We each got a bottle three or four times a day. The three others I was with did not even drink alcohol and thought it was worth it.
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