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  1. Lazey1 I hope that's the case! That would be awesome!
  2. So - yesterday after reading many of the replies I cancelled my amazon order for the window clings. I made a word document that will hopefully look a little classier that I will accessorize:). I guess I'll plan on using magnets to hold it up. I may look for a clip of some sort to put on their mailbox as that seems like an excellent idea also!
  3. Thanks for the number for ship services! I'll definitely give them a call!
  4. I didn't realize this topic would be so polarizing! My Father-in-law is in his 80's and I really believe it will make it easier for him to identify the rooms. That's really the only reason for it. We are celebrating their 60th anniversary and I have ordered the anniversary package with balloons and flowers. The decorations would be minimal - 5 letters on one door and 4 on the other. I wasn't sure if magnets would work, but if they will that would be preferable. I can't imagine the color bleeding from a window cling. Maybe those "gel" clings, but not the plastic window clings. If magnets will work then I could just make my own out of paper. and BTW - they are in 7048 and we are in 7049 on the Zaandam - opposite sides of the ship. Not next to each other.
  5. Does the minibar come stocked with little bottles of alcohol? My father-in-law is a recovering alcoholic and I would prefer not to have the temptation in the room. If it does come stocked would it be appropriate for me to ask the steward to empty it?
  6. We are cruising for the first time in 2 weeks. 2 week Alaska explorer with my in-laws. I plan on putting some very simple decorations (their first names/initials) on their door and our initials on our door. I want to do this mainly to make it easy for my in-laws to identify their room and our room easily. Will we be the only ones with any type of door decorations? I ordered some window clings and plan on taking "puddy" to help them stick. Does this sound appropriate? Thanks!
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