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  1. I keep wondering if they will change the embarkation port... I think right now they have higher priorities to figure out.
  2. I believe the crew are not allowed to leave the ship at this point due to Covid restrictions?
  3. I renewed mine just a few months ago - after booking my December cruise:). I paid to have it expedited and it took 6 1/2 weeks.
  4. I'm booked on the Christmas cruise RT out of Miami. Hope it doesn't change.
  5. Interesting that the article doesn't mention Which vaccine they had. I believe the Moderna and Pfizer have been shown effective against the Delta variant, while the others not so much.
  6. My late 30's daughter and I (in my late 50s) took the Symphony to Alaska in 2019. It was my 1st crystal cruise and her 2nd. I never felt excluded. We found the other passengers to be interesting and friendly and the crew to be exceptionally welcoming, friendly and helpful! Maybe this is a phenomenon of taking a portion of a world cruise.
  7. Keith - please add December 22 Miami RT - Newcruiser58 (Jill and Mick)
  8. I also thought it was very contradictory when I read it last night. I figured they just didn't proof read it/ sent it too quickly?
  9. Don't judge me -. I've been to disneyworld twice during the pandemic. For the dine in restaurants they had a qr code on the table. No app required. Just scan with camera and the menu popped open in Safari. Everyone was doing this so I assume it also worked with android phones and another internet platform other than Safari. Worked very well there! Waiter still came and took orders, just no paper menus.
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