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  1. This is brilliant!! I always forget how frustrating that darn hair dryer button is...
  2. I might be wrong, but I think what is not given with the move up are any additional "promotions" which currently would be a beverage package, unlimited internet, $300 OBC and paid gratuities. Not all suites include a beverage package and\or unlimited internet, but for example the royal suite does. If you move up to a suite that includes these as part of it's amenities you would be refunded for your beverage package upgrade and internet package that you had previously purchased. If you upgrade to a suite that does not include them in it's amenities, but they were purchased or included as a promotion with your previous cabin you would take them with you.
  3. I have one that is soft material, with mesh, see through pockets, I think it was originally made for shoes. It has maybe 24 pockets. I hang it on the bathroom door but on the cabin side so it's handy to grab what I want to take with me (or put away), going in\out of the cabin. It folds up and easily fits into the bottom of my suitcase, almost perfectly into that dip between the handle rails that run across the bottom inside of my case, so it really takes up very little space.
  4. I like the over the door hangers too, great for keeping camera, charging cords, all kinds of things handy but out of the way. On Equinox the soap tray in the shower is wire, I like to place a washcloth in the bottom to keep my razor from slipping through. Magnetic hooks are great for everything, especially hanging your seapass inside the door.
  5. I was reading a review recently where someone mentioned keeping the comment cards on hand and making a point to compliment someone or something they appreciated or liked at least once a day on their cruise. I've learned a lot from many much more experienced folks here, and that is by far the best idea or tip I've picked up! I fully intend to follow that most excellent example, and suspect that being focused on the positive will benefit my own experiences as much as the hard working staff who serve us.
  6. I'm throwing the bullshit flag on that one. Or given your profession, maybe "OVER RULED" would be more appropriate! 🙂
  7. Thank you all for your responses... I've only ever cruised with DH and we've always arrived to the port together. Although I can sprint faster than him, so when we get close and the excitement overtakes us, not EXACTLY the same time.. LOL
  8. I'm cruising in Alaska this May, Seward to Vancouver. I'll be in Alaska for a solo DIY land tour a week prior, and then a friend is joining me in Seward for the cruise. I started check-in today and noticed that it mentions on the page where you select your arrival time that your entire party must be present to board. A slight glitch since I'll have been in Seward for 2 days and will be checking out of a hotel that morning, but my friend is flying in that morning, doing a transfer\excursion and won't be arriving to port until about 5:30 - 6 pm. Does anyone know if we really have to board together? Has anyone ever arranged separate boarding? Or know if that's possible?
  9. Ahh. I hadn't made that connection. I'm booked on a b2b on Solstice in March 2021 and was hoping it would be available on the app by then, but it doesn't look like it based on her scheduled revolution date.
  10. Not sure how long it's been there (sometime between Jan and now), but I just noticed today that Millennium is available on the app now too.
  11. I'm really enjoying your review. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. You look so relaxed (love the hat!). Rather than condensation I think that might be stress dripping off your Vice! Hoping this vacation brings you all the stress relieving and rejuvenation you need and deserve.
  12. Thank you for the advice and added tip, I really appreciate you taking the time to provide input. We'll try to score those seats and at the rail if possible. First time to Alaska so we'll be happy regardless, but it's nice to have the experienced tips.
  13. Thank you so much for the great advice! I'll definitely try to score those seats. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  14. I've seen great reviews of this tour and am going to book it for my cruise in May. It's offered at 9:45 am and again at 2 pm. Obviously there's no way to tell if\when it will rain, and I know nothing about eagle\wildlife activity patterns to know if one would be better than the other. We would be booking on a Wednesday in late May (22nd). Does anyone who's done this tour have an opinion? Also, in case anyone else sailing on Celebrity this summer is considering this tour, Celebrity currently has it on sale for almost $30 less than it can be purchased on the tour's own website. Just sayin... Thanks in advance for advice anyone has to offer on a preferred time.
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