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  1. It seems that things have changed a bit since our last cruise last summer on the Eclipse to the British Isles... Of which many are nice surprises: - There was no sail away event - There was no galley tour (I only noticed the chargeable ones from excursions) (It's either we missed this welcome card; or it was actually handled differently...) And do you mind sharing how the tote bag looks now? We got two bags in the last cruise - a shopping bag type thing that broke before the end of the cruise, and a more sturdy one that looks like a boarding bag. But i read several months ago that they have done away with the good one... Thank you!
  2. I tried to search around a bit, and found this: If you are very worried you may want to consider replicating what has been done - email the Tallinn port
  3. Are concierge rooms entitled to a whole bottle? I thought it was just the flute at embarkation that was the included one......
  4. We had 2 lattes done pretty poorly last time when dining at Murano, and we gave up on espresso based drinks for that entire voyage. We did find the filter coffee at the buffet quite decent (as compared to those dilute from concentrate things offered on Princess) Since some people mentioned that the espresso based drinks are much better at the Cafe, I might as well give it another go this coming next cruise on X
  5. If I am bringing anything suspicious or marginal, I normally put them in my carry on (and issues sorted out immediately), such that my other luggage will be delivered without issues...
  6. I was wondering about this as well... I read that it was perfectly fine in the past to bring on-alcohol beverages, and cruisers just sent packs of bottled water or juices or soda onboard as luggage...
  7. I do have a lot of colleagues complaining about itching around the neck, and especially from female colleagues... (Probably men mostly wear shirts with collar, so the lanyards are mainly on the collar rather than the neck) I believe it's the stitches to prevent the edges from fraying, or the edges themselves, that are causing the itching
  8. Thank you to all of you who has responded to my question. Can I still change the BP assignments at check-in? Of course, I will try my TA first... Well, I have thought of, but since the other two don't drink much alcohol... Last time, the two who drinks actually were happy with the $300 OBC, and didn't even spend the entire sum on alcohol. We were satisfied with the regular coffee, and were in fact disappointed with the latte we had in Murano the first night so we stopped ordering espresso drinks entirely for the whole cruise LOL So, this time going with a BP is another experiment for us. Thank you very much; you got most of my worries answered. To be honest, I didn't find any issues with the tap water during my last cruise on the Eclipse, so I really just wanted to know what to expect at the MDR / buffet onboard... I quite like the way how Celebrity try to assign the same guests to the same area for Select dining, especially when we try to either stick with the "early" time slots before it fills up, or "late" when a lot of tables are open. This allows us to get to know our waiters, and also saves us a lot of trouble explaining preferences (for example, I prefer my water at ambient temperature rather than chilled, as I suffer from sensitive teeth and easily get a cough after having cold drinks). I think this is referring to the "discount" on bottles associated with the BPs... I would also expect a "discounted" bottled purchased would be share-able
  9. We are a family of four sharing a cabin, and chose the classic BP as one of the perks. Does anyone know how the BP will work in a situation like this, especially when we dine at the MDR or specialty restaurants? (Great if anyone can share their experience of a similar situation, like cruising with a group of friends where not everyone had a BP) I know the BPs are not to be shared, and it's mainly two of us who drinks, so this should not be a big problem on alcoholic drinks. (And if the mood calls, we will gladly pay for an extra pour by the glass.) How about bottles/cartons of water - sticking by the rule would mean 2 bottles/cartons and 2 on tap water? Also is it possible to swap order of the names on my cruise reservation? (I am with a US online TA) To make sure I have the BP on the right persons. Thanks so much in advance for any help. It's our first time choosing the BP perk...
  10. for some random reason i had to remove my seapass card from the slot machine i was playing with that few dollars they gave out for free, and the credit shown on the machine became zero right away i thought i must have lost them, but found out that the credit went back into the card so i suspect that one would always need to play with seapass card inserted while playing with promo credit loaded to the machine already, and they shouldnt be confiscating your promo credit if you pull the seapass card out (accidentally, or to get a drink on your BP, etc.)
  11. I have always assumed the OBC amount would be reduced if you "downgrade" (which is laid out in the fine prints at the bottom of the leaflet), but wont be increased if you upgrade (which is not mentioned) Just my assumption from interpreting the words; could probably be wrong...
  12. I think this is for chips only, and not for slots credits? At least for the free play slots credit they offered to lure people to go there, they get replaced with regular credits as soon as you have bet it over, if my memory serves me right...
  13. Thanks for getting back this quickly... To make matters worse, I need to book with a US based TA (which i currentlt do, in order to use US T&Cs refundable deposits), so this will only make it harder... Thinking outside the box a bit -- can i make a random booking on board for a different itinerary & ship so that i lock in a reservation # with the OBC from it, and later to have my TA cancel the old and change the onboard reservation # to cover it? Sounds like gaming the system a bit though LOL
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience. Personally I wont mind walking a bit to another bar to get what I want; but do the bar tenders know (and can tell me) where a particular drink is available, or do i have to treasure hunt it on the ship?
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