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  1. Thank you all for your help! Not sure which I'll get, but at least now I know the difference. As Host Clarea mentioned, I believe that the Surf (Voom) will be adequate for my purposes.
  2. I am not tech savvy, so forgive me if this is a silly question. We will be sailing on the Liberty and I don't believe they have the free texting app? What is the difference between the surf and stream package and just the surf package? All I really need is to be able to text message the other 3 people in my group. My understanding is that I can get one of the packages for 4 devices (either surf or surf and stream) and then give the password to 3 others in our group and we can communicate. I've already purchased the Unlimited Beverage Package for everyone (without any type of internet) but I'm thinking of changing ONLY mine to Unlimited Beverage plus Voom, just so we can text among us. I don"t understand if I need/want the surf OR surf and stream. Is the "stream" part only so that I can watch videos and stuff? We are all adults and none of us plan to be doing any business while we are sailing, if that helps. If I change mine to Unlimited Beverage with Voom, does the person sharing my cabin keep just the Unlimited Beverage (without voom)? Thank you for your patience on this, and any help.
  3. Found it! Here is the link from Petroplex. Dine, Drink, and Travel
  4. I cant find it right now, but Petroplex has a great review from Liberty this summer and he has scanned the Compass and daily menus in. It has been super helpful. When I get back this afternoon, I will find it if someone else hasn't posted it by then. :)
  5. Sorry...I just realized you were asking kimmie1214, but I should have put my party size in also. I guess I need to really pick out what shows I don't want to miss, just to be on the safe side.
  6. Sorry, I forgot that the party size might matter..... We are a party of 6 adults
  7. I have My Time Dining reservations at 6:45 everyday, and I'm questioning if I should keep it, or change to the Main Dining times. I have been reading that on some ships, even those with MTD reservations are having to wait 30 minutes for their table. I believe that was for the Oasis class ship, but I'm not sure. Anyone from Liberty have My Time Dining recently and can give me an idea of how their experience was? Or what time worked out well in order to see most of the shows? I realize that shows are planned around the Main/Late seating dining, but those exact dining times were just a little too early/late for our group. Also....If I keep the MTD, I'm considering changing to a 7:30 seating (assuming the wait time isn't 30 minutes with reservation). I'm just really wrestling with what time would work best. Thank you all for any help with my decision.
  8. Thank You! I didn't realize Tremont, Harbor House and Galvez were covered parking! I apparently missed that part in all my research. I really appreciate all your help on this board. Gina
  9. We've done it both ways, and neither way was a bad choice. When it was just my husband and me, we did NOT get the drink package because we don't tend to drink as much alcohol if it's just the two of us. We'd have a couple of drinks, but that's it. There were times when I would've liked a specialty coffee or bottled water, but not enough to pay extra for it. I'm not a big drinker, so it wasn't that big of a deal to just buy a couple foo foo drinks a day. Husband DOES like to drink beer, but he was fine just purchasing as he went. Totally fine with our choice and no regrets. When we are traveling with friends or family who will be drinking, we usually get the deluxe drink package because we know we will be drinking more. I can experiment with different foo foo drinks and not feel like I just wasted a small fortune if I don't like it. Even if we just get to the break-even point, I feel like it was worth it to me. I had a drink whenever I wanted and didn't have to worry about it. I usually don't have wine with my meals, but I felt fancy in the MDR ordering a wine. I enjoyed the specialty coffee, energy drinks and bottled waters without giving it a second thought. Really added to the vacation mind-set.
  10. Are there any hotels in Galveston that offered COVERED PARKING for the duration of the cruise? I found quite a few that offer free parking with a one-night stay at hotel, but haven't come across any that seem to be covered. Thank you
  11. Thank you for this! I had no idea that was even a possibility with My Time Dining. Hopefully the Host on Liberty will accommodate us.
  12. Thank you for the menus! I love researching and finding out all I can about my upcoming cruise, even though it's a year away. The detailed info you are giving about specifically the Liberty is so helpful and exciting to me. I've printed off your bar and dinner menus already! We aren't planning on doing any of the specialty restaurants, so I am relieved to read your review of the MDR. You may not know the answer to this since you were at a specified dining time, but do you know if they have the waiters do all the "song, dance and napkin waving" during My Time Dining? Or is that just on Early/Late Dining?
  13. I plan to get the beverage package since I like the cocktail too. Thank you so much for the drink menu! Super helpful!
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