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  1. Thank you for the remote control info to, I’d never have thought about that one or the firestick for that matter. Very useful response. thank you. Top tips🥳
  2. Thank you very much for that...... sounds like the voice of experience😂😂
  3. Wow that was quick. Are you certain or just guessing. Thank you by the way.
  4. This will sound very strange but I am on the Anthem in April and will be wanting to watch some videos that will be with me in my computer whilst in my stateroom ( nothing dodgy) I need to know what connections are on the rear of the TVs if any, in the staterooms, USB, HDMI,Scart whatever so that I can see if it’s doable to watch on the TVs our not. (Some hotels have TVs specially made without any external inputs, maybe RCI do the same) a photo would be best but a description will be more than good. thank you. Mike
  5. Thank you kind Sir, my knowledge is improved.
  6. Who or what in god's name is the Genie?
  7. Hello, when could I expect to see the dates and ships for the above to be able to book them. Thank you
  8. We've just come back from the Anthem OTS 9 days Canada and Massachusetts and the IQ app worked perfectly well for us. Saves carrying around the Cruise Compass in your pocket, it's all there up to date on your phone. You do not need an internet connection as such but you need to connect to the ship's wifi, don't worry about running up charges, unless you have signed up to a Room package you will not get to the WWW but you can still get IQ.
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