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  1. We watched the first episode tonight and will watch more. I learned how to say sh-t, hopefully I don’t have to use it often. 🤣🤣
  2. Thanks for getting this started. I am looking forward to getting real live info.
  3. Is what you have the card or cards that was given to you the day of the injection? Have you tried contacting the Health Dept of the county where the shots were given? We had our shots during a mass injection day and were given very informal cards which we actually had to partially fill in, not at all official. I later learned that I could call the county health dept which mailed me a much more official looking, fully filled out CDC card. That is what we plan to use.
  4. Too funny. I think I will pass on the Chef’s Table. Someone else can have my reservation slot. 🤣🤣
  5. Are some of you getting into MVJ to check your calendar, etc? I can’t get passed the Your booking is closed page?
  6. OMG My husband will love this. A spread sheet! His favorite way of organizing things. Thanks
  7. Can someone please post the new optional tours for those of us who are stillllllll waittttting. Thanks
  8. I also watched that video and in addition to the above he mentioned the hope that they could arrange some type of bubble bus tour for us that day. My thought was taking the long, scenic way from the airport to the ship. He didn’t make any promises and so I won’t get my hopes up. He also kind of dodged the question about how many passengers will be on saying something like they will open it up to as many as they are allowed.
  9. That was my thought as well. But I still just want them to open.
  10. Yes, your optional excursions are not yours until they are paid for. Just being in your cart does not save them for you. I plan to quickly put the four that I really want in my cart, pay for them then go back and do my other optional ones and the included ones.
  11. I would prefer my results come by email but all the info says text message which would mean a phone number. I have never used a prepaid data sim card so I will need to look into that and if my i-phone will take one..
  12. As part of my prep for the cruise I looked into my ATT prepaid plan and how to add Iceland so I could get my text message regarding my Covid test results from the airport. My plan does not offer any international options and my husband's plan does not include Iceland. Have others looked into this and what are they finding.
  13. On past cruises we have eaten most of our meals at at The Restaurant and request the same section every night so the wait staff and wine steward get to know us, our likes and dislikes so they can make recommendations. They would also sometimes challenge me to try something new and different. The wine steward would ask us what we were getting for each course and then pair an appropriate wine with that course. He would tell me why he made this selection. It made every meal that much more fun and adventurous. Add a cocktail in the Explorer’s Lounge before dinner and the SSP more than paid for it
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