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  1. Thanks for this. Reading the suggestion to use the app, I reinstalled it and it keeps crashing on me. Oh well. I’ll print every proof of purchase I have and talk my way into the ship at the time I was assigned: 10:30-11:00am.
  2. Someone please tell me this is normal? There's a notice about an outage in service on the sight but that says it wouldn't start until tomorrow night. I think I have printed out the proper confirmations but I was checking in to make sure there weren't other docs I needed to print! Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. When I said "maybe it's an age thing" I was referring to behavior I've noticed that doesn't make sense to me, that I've only seen in older post-retirement-age people. I wasn't making fun of older people, I was speculating that maybe this behavior that seems unusual to me might be more normal for older people for whatever reason. That reason might be that they were exposed to better service decades ago and they are still holding people to that higher standard they became accustomed to, or it might be that people just get crankier and more nit-picky as they age. I don't know what the reason is but in my experience, I've never seen a younger (well, <60) person send something back to the kitchen. I meant no offense and apologize if I upset you.
  4. I'm not an expert, but if you're on Joy next week that means you are going to Alaska. You will have many crab options in every port your go to! Maybe just wait for a port meal for crab?
  5. you're being silly. it's a positive review.
  6. ... or you could actually READ the review, which is in no way a bad one at all: notes from cruise critic's review of Joy (Dori Saltzman) positive: 'packed with engaging activities and spaces' 'gorgeous and serene Observation Lounge' 'so many of the activities onboard are sure to put a smile on your face' 'the crew are among the friendliest we've encountered at sea' negative: 'be prepared for a variety of extra costs onboard' (Galaxy Pavilion and specialty dining) 'there are just two small pools to serve everyone onboard' 'pool deck is one of the oddest we've seen' (big space between 2 diagonally-opposed pools, wasted space) 'no spa thermal suite or relaxation room' Don't be a hater.
  7. Well, that's ONE way to interpret 4 out of 5 stars...
  8. People love logging on here to tell us they had a "terrible" dinner at Cagney's because their baked potato arrived a couple of minutes after their steak. It seems like people refuse to ask for service from their waiters just so they can complain about how long it took. One reviewer claimed that they were done with their steaks before their baked potato came out. I find this hard to believe, unless the reviewer just started eating the steak without saying anything. It's a steak place! Baked potato basically comes with every order! They are baking potatoes constantly. If they brought your steak out and you didn't have your potato, I'd immediately say "where's the potato" to the person who brought it out and I guarantee a potato would be brought out to me in 1 minute. I guess it's partly an age thing, but I feel that a lot of users here are more interested in being critics than enjoying their cruise. It's not cruiseenjoyers.com, right? Some people here are more inclined to not react in any way to servers ON their cruise just so they can complain about the service when they get back.
  9. Hey there all, I'll be on a cruise June 1st-8th that will be stopping Victoria. As a big movie fan as well as a lover of movie theaters themselves I thought I'd maybe try to see a movie during the 8 hour window (4pm - midnight). Is there a fancy old movie theater in Victoria that I should check out? Am I silly for seeking out a movie theater instead of an excursion? Thanks!
  10. In my opinion, paying even half price to feed a 3 year old Brazilian steakhouse meat is a waste of money. They'd prefer hotdogs and mac and cheese.
  11. Oh okay thanks, I should read more closely. My main point still stands, they will hear no noise from the lounge is my guess.
  12. the lounge is not a club, it's just a room to meet up in with some OJ, water and cookies. the only music is like background-at-Starbucks type music. being right next to the lounge will be great because you can grab a cup of water whenever you want really quickly. Source: solo on Bliss last year
  13. Doesn't "We didn’t know it was a disabled person’s cabin till we got there" cover the question you are asking? Making baseless accusations is despicable.
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