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  1. I think it’s terrible that they are making late-June cruisers wait so long for a cancellation. That’s less than 30 days. We are July 6, and they need to cancel. I get they are waiting as long as possible so people cancel their own and lose their NRDs or that they L and S, and the cruise companies need money....but c’mon. It’s too close in date and unrealistic to keep them scheduled when everyone knows they will be cancelled.
  2. Praying they cancel our July 6 cruise soon. It's getting too close and seems inevitable.
  3. I got through to RCl to clear this up. If I cancelled today, I would get a full refund (cash back, not as credit) minus the deposit.
  4. Thank you. That is what I am doing as it was an easier decision. I already had paid most of my fare. I am banking on royal cancelling.
  5. I thought you can chose to cancel before your final payment is due, you get a full refund minus the NRD. Several people have said that on here.
  6. Yes. They do not want a FCC. They wants a refund, I though the previous posted was saying you can get your NRD waived if cancelling.
  7. I understand what you meant. Waived fee for choosing FCC. They want a refund.
  8. I've never heard anyone say it has been waived. Where are you getting that information.
  9. My friends are trying to cancel our cruise before final payment is due tomorrow, but cannot get through to RCL. Can they just not make final payment? Would they get refunded (minus deposit) or would they be charged an additional fee. Or even worse, get their balance in a FCC (they don't want that). Asking here since they can't get through and the clock is ticking. thank you
  10. How did you get an extension? Our final payment for our July 6 cruise is due April 22 and I would love more time! Thank you,
  11. I believe they will cancel yours and mine. I am going to "let it ride" and wait for them to cancel so I can get it all back. Good luck with your decision.
  12. I completely agree. I don't want to be on a cruise in July. Even if they have them (I'm convinced now they won't), it takes on sick person to quarantine the ship or close a port of call. And I don't want to worry the whole time if my teens are not constantly washing hands.
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