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  1. If only South Carolina would decide on "essential" workers. I think if we went solely by the DHS and CDC guidelines, much more would be declared non-essential. Our governor just keeps going in rounds of shutdowns. He restricts a little more every few days. I wish he would just go ahead and make a call. Although we still have a huge problem because people from many of the hotspot states are homeowners here and keep coming in to escape the intensity of the pandemic in their home states, and they go right on like it's vacation as usual. The only thing that keeps them in at all is that most of the restaurants are only doing take-out and delivery. Otherwise, it would just be moving the pandemic from the hotspot states down to South Carolina.
  2. Well then I guess if you aren't the invitation hostess, BIL won't be coming back anytime soon. Just tell the hubby it is his choice and responsibility to extend an invitation to his brother AND to be the one that says when it is time to go home. I guess the only other choice is your husband tells him that no-one is allowed inside except you and him. Anyone else can stay in the yard, on the porch, et cetera but no-one else comes in. I guess if you have a doghouse he can sleep there if he chooses. LOL
  3. No you are NOT awful for not letting him visit or stay with you. It is critically important that those with serious health conditions follow protocols even more stringently than the rest. That said, I am guessing after having a 9-bypass surgery, he is probably about fed up with staying home to rest. He has probably had all of the "resting" his mind and body can handle. Just when he feels well enough to go out and feel "normal" again, the entire world shuts down and he just wants to interact with humanity. I have been mostly isolated since the beginning of the year because of breast cancer testing and surgeries. I had been counting down the days until I could start getting back to "normal" and interacting with the world. Just as my countdown ended, I was once again forced into quarantine conditions due to COVID-19 concerns. I don't have it, but I am concerned about the possibility of complications if I were to get it. Perhaps some ZOOM, Skype, Facetime would be good. You are still doing the right thing though. Not sure the pizza is a great choice for someone with that many bypasses. That said, in the times we are facing right now- have a little pizza. Live a little. No-one is going to live forever, so eat the pizza and be happy. LOL These times try the emotional and mental health of people who live alone and have little interaction. The isolation is so hard. I would definitely encourage some distance interaction. Let your BIL know he is NOT alone- except for physically.
  4. True. People think a funeral is so inexpensive. In fact, it is very expensive. One could definitely afford a cruise more easily than a funeral.
  5. The last cruise we took, I did have some OBC toward my account. I could use it to make pre-cruise purchases of excursions, drink packages, et cetera. I did not "have to" use it for those purchases and could use a credit card to pay for those items if I so chose. Maybe once actually "onboard" it does work that way.
  6. Loretta Lynn was a grandmother at 28. She had her first child at 14 and that child had a child at 14.
  7. Also, that doll is not going to make human movements. It isn't going to wiggle, spontaneously kick back or forward. It isn't going to even breathe- not one inhalation or exhalation. That doll is going to do exactly what the re-enacter makes it do.
  8. As someone else said, there are considerations of nuisance value, public perception. Not everyone is a die hard "RCI is always right" person. I have worked on both sides of the Personal Injury law equation- for the Plaintiffs and Defendants. Juries are strange. You can believe you had an iron clad case and you can believe that you will win on that one little piece of evidence that you think would sway any reasonable person, but then the jury doesn't come out the way you planned. The Judge could rule that some testimony or piece of evidence may be included or excluded, which could go against the way the attorneys and corporation thought it might go. I am sure that RCI has an arbitration clause in their terms of contract. I would believe that the parties must go through some sort of alternative dispute resolution- arbitration or mediation- prior to going to trial on this matter. Another chance for the parties to see how strong their case is and whether there is any incentive to settle. The fact is that you are relying upon 1 human being to rule on the evidence and provide a verdict if you choose a bench trial and you are relying upon at least 12 human beings if you choose a jury trial. Yes, your jury pool should be completely objective but we are all humans with experiences that do lead us to look at things through our own lens of experience. We believe or disbelieve testimony based on our own experience and understanding. You can watch your entire case fall apart with a couple of rulings from the bench that turn the tide. That impacts a jury too. I am not saying the family will win. I am not saying RCI will win. I don't know. What I do know is that jurists are human and juries are human, as are the lawyers and the people in the expensive suits counting all the beans. On any given day, you may believe you have your case in the bag and you may walk out with an adverse verdict.
  9. I think they are definitely going to push as far as they can-both sides. However, I have seen cases that settled on the morning of trial just before the judge calls the roster of cases on the docket for the day or the week. It happens more often than people would think.
  10. I was asking what the person meant when they said " if the family had not hired an attorney and threatened a lawsuit, the GF would not have been charged." That statement to me seems to indicate that they believe the grandfather would not have been charged if the family had not hired an attorney. I wasn't sure if that's what the poster meant.
  11. I too live in a resort/beach community. People seem to think when they are on vacation, that nothing bad can happen. It's like "this is my getaway from real life and nothing that happens in real life can happen because I am on vacation." Tourists disobey traffic laws (not like "Local things" they are unaware of). They run traffic lights. They don't yield or merge. They let their kids go into the ocean with shark warnings or riptide warnings while mom and dad just sit on the beach drinking beers. Because they are on vacation and nothing bad can happen. They suspend all good judgment and then sue the pants off of anyone around if something messes up their vacation.
  12. I think we are all smart enough to understand this is splitting hairs. Yes, the "state" files charges. But "victims" drop charges all the time or tell the state not to press charges. The way the post was written- " if the family had not hired an attorney and threatened a lawsuit, the GF would not have been charged" it appears that the person is saying the grandfather was only charged because the family hired an attorney and threatened a lawsuit.
  13. So you are saying that Royal decided to press charges to "get even" with the family? Or to intimidate them into dropping the suit? That certainly does not look good for Royal if that is the case. I mean, money definitely talks but to press charges to convince a family not to sue is pretty heavy handed.
  14. I too long for the day when I have been on so many cruises that I am bored with the itineraries. Due to work schedules and budget, our options are fairly limited. I usually change up the excursions so I get to see things I haven't experienced in the past.
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