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  1. Thank you for your clarification. To some degree, I share your opinion. For instance, if there are 40 staterooms being offered at a military rate, 39 are booked to someone who has been on active duty and the last two people are trying to get that last room at the military rate, I think it should be given to the one who did active duty for a period of time. (I have never experienced anyone asking us for ID until we check in, so I don't know how they would determine that at the time of booking.) However, I do recognize that they are subject to being called up for various reasons. If the business offering the discount feels it is proper to extend that offer to National Guard and reservists, that's their decision. I don't begrudge anyone in the National Guard getting a discount for putting themselves in a positions that many civilians would never consider, not even if it is only for six months and they never leave the state. I think it is nice that offer that discount. Why do you object to it even being offered? Or why do you object to someone using a discount to which they are entitled?
  2. Unless he/she changed it, they said it should only apply to those who were active in the military. I took that to mean anyone who had been active duty and not primarily a reservist (which people can be "activated" and serve "active duty" for long periods of time). I took it to automatically extend to military retirees- as they would have been active for an entire career and then retired- which, to me, would fit under the category of "were active." I don't know how the person feels about someone who did one enlistment and did not extend. They would certainly fit into the category of "were active." There are lots of possibilities to how one could be active but no longer active. I know many places offer discounts to "active duty only." Thankfully, this is not the case with the cruise lines that do offer military rates. Most at least extend to retirees.
  3. No doubt with that much space to fill, they will find a way to put in more "specialty" dining or other ",pay to play" options. What a great excuse.
  4. Cruise lines pretty much can do whatever the heck they want to deny you boarding and to keep your dang money. I was on the verge of finally making Diamond. Oh well, I guess that dream is down the drain. No reason to continue to book with a line that will never let me cruise again.
  5. That's what I am not sure about. While this person has had all of the cancer removed from her body, she is taking Arimidex to prevent cancer from returning. I think I will see if she can get this clarified at the next doctor's appointment.
  6. NO kidding. That is complete horse poop.
  7. As to cancer, is that if you have EVER had cancer? If you are currently being treated for cancer? If you are suspected to have cancer? There are a lot of nuances to cancer- being in active treatment, being in remission, being treated to be sure it doesn't return. What if said person got a mastectomy and all of their tests show the cancer has been removed from their body but they are being treated with hormone therapy- such as Tamoxifen or Arimidex? I mean, they are still being treated to be sure cancer doesn't return.
  8. I agree. The letter doesn't look very official. I think it's just a letter they have printed up so that "someone" can sign it and Royal can scan it into a file somewhere so they can say they have a letter on file. I seriously doubt they really care if it was signed by a licensed physician or the Cookie Monster.
  9. Exactly like what people do all the time now anyhow.
  10. I am quite worried about the rushing of a vaccine. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer, but to just whip something up without proper testing may prove to be disastrous. What will happen when not only do you have to show a doctor's note, but you also have to provide evidence you have been vaccinated against coronavirus? I guess some, if not many, will not cruise.
  11. If only South Carolina would decide on "essential" workers. I think if we went solely by the DHS and CDC guidelines, much more would be declared non-essential. Our governor just keeps going in rounds of shutdowns. He restricts a little more every few days. I wish he would just go ahead and make a call. Although we still have a huge problem because people from many of the hotspot states are homeowners here and keep coming in to escape the intensity of the pandemic in their home states, and they go right on like it's vacation as usual. The only thing that keeps them in at all is that most of the restaurants are only doing take-out and delivery. Otherwise, it would just be moving the pandemic from the hotspot states down to South Carolina.
  12. Well then I guess if you aren't the invitation hostess, BIL won't be coming back anytime soon. Just tell the hubby it is his choice and responsibility to extend an invitation to his brother AND to be the one that says when it is time to go home. I guess the only other choice is your husband tells him that no-one is allowed inside except you and him. Anyone else can stay in the yard, on the porch, et cetera but no-one else comes in. I guess if you have a doghouse he can sleep there if he chooses. LOL
  13. No you are NOT awful for not letting him visit or stay with you. It is critically important that those with serious health conditions follow protocols even more stringently than the rest. That said, I am guessing after having a 9-bypass surgery, he is probably about fed up with staying home to rest. He has probably had all of the "resting" his mind and body can handle. Just when he feels well enough to go out and feel "normal" again, the entire world shuts down and he just wants to interact with humanity. I have been mostly isolated since the beginning of the year because of breast cancer testing and surgeries. I had been counting down the days until I could start getting back to "normal" and interacting with the world. Just as my countdown ended, I was once again forced into quarantine conditions due to COVID-19 concerns. I don't have it, but I am concerned about the possibility of complications if I were to get it. Perhaps some ZOOM, Skype, Facetime would be good. You are still doing the right thing though. Not sure the pizza is a great choice for someone with that many bypasses. That said, in the times we are facing right now- have a little pizza. Live a little. No-one is going to live forever, so eat the pizza and be happy. LOL These times try the emotional and mental health of people who live alone and have little interaction. The isolation is so hard. I would definitely encourage some distance interaction. Let your BIL know he is NOT alone- except for physically.
  14. True. People think a funeral is so inexpensive. In fact, it is very expensive. One could definitely afford a cruise more easily than a funeral.
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