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  1. John is my hero! I always enjoy his reviews and his wonderful insights. With all of those cruises comes LOTS of wisdom.
  2. It's really not that hard to link them in the cruise planner once you know how to do it. Just go and enjoy your cruise. Try not to let it stress you out. Since you did book direct with RC, just call and let them fix everything up for you. I have found most of the people to be quite helpful. It's funny, most people swear by using a travel agent but I must have the worst luck with them. Every one I have used is absolutely useless. My best experiences have been booking direct with RCI.
  3. I agree. One day I will begin my quest to be like John & Lala. I shall never catch up to them, but will be happy enough to have the time to try.
  4. Yes I don't expect to even see it back down at $52 which is where I locked in. The price for the deluxe beverage package + VOOM has actually dropped to the lowest I have seen it while price watching. I thought that was curious. Anyhow, I just don't see myself needing the VOOM. I go on a cruise to "unplug." I try to leave my phone in the safe the entire time.
  5. I will have to remember to ask about the savory bites. I would love to have them. I don't think they have appeared on the last 2-3 cruises I have been on.
  6. No, because too many have the attitude "I paid for this vacation and I will do whatever I please, whenever I please and however I please no matter if it is rude,immoral, unkind, entitled or anything else. It's my vacation. Too bad about my fellow human beings who also paid their hard earned money to spend a week with my caveman behaviors." I do think most people are decent and would probably try to be discreet, but there are plenty who feel like they paid for their stateroom and that gives them the right to do whatever they want and ignore good sense. Now if it were the other way around, they would probably be upset with you for blocking their view.
  7. I agree. If you can do it, plan that extra day into your travel plans and head out so you don't have the last minute panic.
  8. But your assumption is that I am choosing the cheapest interior cabin to get to my points, and doing the cheapest thing I can to get my points. Maybe that's actually the way I should be doing it now that you mention it. I should quit spending my money on balcony cabins since my loyalty recognition is the same if I stay in the smallest worst cabin on the ship or the nicest most expensive balcony that is not a suite. Thanks.
  9. So you are saying if I have a friend who cruises in Suites with Royal 6 times and reaches Diamond, she is more loyal to Royal than I am for cruising with them 11 times and I am still Emerald? Because she spent more money, she is more loyal? What if she bails on Royal after 6 cruises and never comes back? I have chosen to cruise with them five more times and I am still not "loyal"? I certainly wish I knew the name of your convenience store so I could let your customers know that the guy who comes in weekly for a cup of coffee every week on the way to visit his grandpa at the assisted living home is NOT loyal, but the guy who drives up in his BMW and buys 10 cartons of cigarettes every year on his way to his guy's weekend is definitely a loyal VIP customer that you are going to bend over backwards to keep. How do you know that your loyal coffee guy isn't the one who told cigarette boy about how great your store is and how he enjoys coming in every week to get his coffee on his way to visit grandpa? How do you know coffee guy isn't the one who defends you when people say you are only nice to people who come in and spend lots of money, and he is telling people that you are nice to everyone and treat him with respect every time he comes in your store even when you buy "just a cup of coffee?"
  10. I am not sure I would even be comfortable with my children being on a different deck. I can see opposite ends of hall on same deck or opposite sides of ship and same deck but having kids on different decks would be a stretch. If you have responsible kids, I don't see any issue with letting them stay in their own space. They just have to know that with freedom comes responsibility. The "rules" are what they are. Just be sure your kids know that they need to keep themselves in line. As others have said, on paper have one adult in each stateroom and then just get extra keys when you get on the ship, and be aware that if a safety or behavior issue comes up you may have to sleep "as booked."
  11. Yes, that would be nice to be able to avoid having to buy two beverage packages.
  12. I just didn't realize. I guess I need to read my C&A Loyalty information again. I've just been at Platinum for so long I don't know what's included above me. And yes I know the wait from D to D+ takes a while and then what feels like a lifetime if I were to ever dare dream of Pinnacle. I know there's not a lot of "status" in getting to Emerald but it will be a new level for us at the end of December's cruise. Like I said, I'm usually just so happy to be cruising and not at work I don't even realize what benefits I have. I've probably not been taking advantage of a lot of things I could have used.
  13. I get a pin?? Do people actually wear these pins?
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