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  1. Well aren't you just full of compassion and human decency?? I am sorry some people are short, fat or ugly? It really messes up those pinterest perfect pictures and the perfect world we are to live in. I'm not a fan of fanny packs anyhow, but clearly I will be using something other than a fanny pack since I am short, fat and ugly.
  2. But sometimes the technology doesn't work properly. I have come to embrace virtual appointments as well. I do like the drive up service as restaurants and stores too. We had a terrible time with our service when on the Brilliance last December. Nothing every worked quite right.
  3. That's good to know. Connecting to the wi-fi can be a challenge. We were on a 4 day cruise around Christmas. Only one day did my wi-fi work. It never works and they always find some way to make you have to pay more for it to work.
  4. When I returned from my last vacation, I had to set down some very firm boundaries about "unforeseen emergencies." I defined it as 1. You will either be calling 9-1-1 prior to this call or immediately after this call. 2. Someone's life is in danger or a building is burning down. 3. My house has/is flooded or in danger of flooding or being blown away. People can be so out of touch about "emergencies." I had a major surgery in February of this past year and when I woke up, my husband told me I had 57 texts from the office- and not a single one checking on how I was doing. This is what they blew up my phone about: 1. We had two boxes of window envelopes to pay bills and no regular envelopes. The regular envelopes were right there. My co-worker just didn't look two inches to the right. When I got back to the office after my surgery there was a two page memo with schematics on where everything was to be put away. 2. My co-workers voicemail wasn't working correctly (meaning she could not check it remotely). All she had to do was re-boot her phone. She had worked in the office for 19 years before she retired and I took over for her. She then returned to help with a very limited scope of things while i was out to recover. 3. We ran out of copy paper. (We really didn't. There was an entire box of copy paper waiting to be loaded into the drawers. My co-worker just didn't see why she should have to empty the box and put the paper away). If I kept my phone on during a cruise, my internet usage and phone usage would be through the roof and I would have a miserable time. After my surgery and my last "vacation," my boss is the only one that is to call me. He's pretty good about only calling in an "emergency" and he knows I can't always answer the phone right when he calls. Whenever we get to cruise again, my phone will go in the safe at all times I am on the ship. My boss can have the number to reach me in a true emergency. I will take it out when we go ashore and check a few messages and may return a couple of emails, but that's a quick on and off.
  5. Yet another reason to require people to buy internet package- so their phones will work! I turn my phone off and put it in the safe. Cruises are about the only vacation I can find where I can truly "get away from it all." I just went to Disney. We had planned to stay for a week and worked at least 4 hours every day and had to keep stopping to answer phone calls. It was so bad, I just came home early. The rest of my family enjoyed a full vacation. This is the disadvantage of "work from home" and "remote access." You are required to be "on" 24/7. I miss vacations where people could actually "get away" for a few days. You know, when it was an actual vacation.
  6. I think you may mean Oxycontin, or other opioids. Oxytocin is a hormone released by the body that helps with bonding, childbirth, sexual reproduction and milk production. I doubt this is a big issue with people dying.
  7. Wondering if you might mean Oxycontin?
  8. One way or the other you should get that money- either as your OBC or as a dividend for being a shareholder. I would have to believe your OBC credit would be worth more than your dividend. Take it. You invested. You're getting your return. It's your money anyhow.
  9. Yes, and our country is multiple times larger. What if we took a sampling from an area of our country with a similar size and population to either of these countries? I would believe the numbers would be equal or probably less. Considering you can pretty much fit 30 European nations into the borders of the US, I think it's not quite reasonable or fair to compare our outbreak rate to the rate of Italy or Germany.
  10. We were on Allure in 2016. While we very much enjoyed the time with our family, it was not my favorite ship. We had Boardwalk balconies, which were relatively close to the aft of the ship and quite close to the Aquatheater. We had a "reasonable" view of the ocean and ship's wake. I didn't really like that it took so much effort to find a place to see the ocean while on a cruise. To me, that's the whole reason you cruise- to enjoy the sea. I know we all have different opinions. I found Allure to be like a shopping mall at sea. At this point in time, if I were booking my own cruise and the only passengers I had to be concerned with were myself and my husband, I would book a smaller ship with more access points to see the sea. I would even find a smaller ship if the passenger were myself, my husband and my parents. (We are in our 50's. My parents in late 70's/early 80s). As family is so spread out now, if Allure or one of her sisters were the ship of choice and that was my chance to spend time with my brother, SIL and my nieces- sign me up. I will be there gladly. Cruising is our family's favorite vacation because everyone can do their own thing, but we always meet up for breakfast and/or dinner. It's a great vacation to just get on the ship and not have anything to worry about until you get home. There is enough to do on these megaships that you could stay onboard the whole cruise and not feel like you missed anything by not going ashore. Yet, there is plenty to do in ports as well.
  11. Thank you for your clarification. To some degree, I share your opinion. For instance, if there are 40 staterooms being offered at a military rate, 39 are booked to someone who has been on active duty and the last two people are trying to get that last room at the military rate, I think it should be given to the one who did active duty for a period of time. (I have never experienced anyone asking us for ID until we check in, so I don't know how they would determine that at the time of booking.) However, I do recognize that they are subject to being called up for various reasons. If the business offering the discount feels it is proper to extend that offer to National Guard and reservists, that's their decision. I don't begrudge anyone in the National Guard getting a discount for putting themselves in a positions that many civilians would never consider, not even if it is only for six months and they never leave the state. I think it is nice that offer that discount. Why do you object to it even being offered? Or why do you object to someone using a discount to which they are entitled?
  12. Unless he/she changed it, they said it should only apply to those who were active in the military. I took that to mean anyone who had been active duty and not primarily a reservist (which people can be "activated" and serve "active duty" for long periods of time). I took it to automatically extend to military retirees- as they would have been active for an entire career and then retired- which, to me, would fit under the category of "were active." I don't know how the person feels about someone who did one enlistment and did not extend. They would certainly fit into the category of "were active." There are lots of possibilities to how one could be active but no longer active. I know many places offer discounts to "active duty only." Thankfully, this is not the case with the cruise lines that do offer military rates. Most at least extend to retirees.
  13. No doubt with that much space to fill, they will find a way to put in more "specialty" dining or other ",pay to play" options. What a great excuse.
  14. Cruise lines pretty much can do whatever the heck they want to deny you boarding and to keep your dang money. I was on the verge of finally making Diamond. Oh well, I guess that dream is down the drain. No reason to continue to book with a line that will never let me cruise again.
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