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  1. I too long for the day when I have been on so many cruises that I am bored with the itineraries. Due to work schedules and budget, our options are fairly limited. I usually change up the excursions so I get to see things I haven't experienced in the past.
  2. Let me just say that my first cruise was on S/S Majestic- the old Premier Cruise Line which is no longer in existence. I was 14 and my brother was 12. We thought we had just sailed away into the great beyond. It was one of the coolest vacations our parents ever took us on and we thought were on a "big ship." Now, to look back it is possible that some of today's private yachts that could use that ship for a boarding vessel. LOL I just turned 50 and there are still two friends I keep up with from that ship. We had so much fun. They used to offer cruise/Disney packages. Of course that is no more now that Disney has its own cruise line. But it was an amazing experience back then. Let me say too that Tampa was the easiest embarkation and disembarkation experience I have ever had. We accidentally parked across the street from "Terminal 2" but the "extra" walk was just a few extra yards really. I see you are from Sarasota, so you may just drive in on cruise day. If you choose to stay overnight before the cruise, I highly recommend the Hampton Inn/Home2Suites on East Kennedy. It's just a couple of blocks from the pier and the rooms were great. They don't currently offer a Park & Cruise package, but with terminal parking being so close, it's super easy. I would not hesitate to cruise out of Tampa again. Very easy processes there.
  3. I don't even have children but I would have been all over her for acting like that. For all I know she might have been on our Brilliance cruise. We had a woman who did almost the exact same thing- yelling at somebody's kid for something ridiculous. She was walking down through the Schooner bar and bumped into this child while looking at her cell phone, and she spilled her strawberry daquiri on her white dress. The child didn't even do anything. She was livid and started screaming at this child for "just standing there." Her husband just rolled his eyes. She sat down next to me and looked at me shaking my head, thinking I was doing it in sympathy for her. She looked at me and said "I don't know why people bring their kids along. They just get in the way." I told her I didn't know why people walked along with bright red drinks while not watching where they were going, and it was too bad she was going to have to wear her Scarlet Letter for being careless and running to a child. She hightailed it out of there pretty quick.
  4. We just did a Christmas Cruise on Brilliance and we saw lots of families with small children. I asked several of them what they thought of the ship. Most seemed to like it. They said they thought 5 nights with a good length cruise and they thought the time to try a smaller ship with a friendlier budget was a good choice while the children were small and didn't know about all of the bells and whistles of the mega ships. So many of the kids on the Brilliance seemed to think they were in heaven on a grand adventure anyhow. Little ones tend to think being a ship sailing in the ocean is a good enough adventure even if on a smaller ship if they have not already done something big. We played trivia with a family traveling with a 13 year old, 10 year old and 7 year old. The 7 year old was tuned out on his iPad or tablet most of the time. The other two kids were enjoying playing trivia and having that down time to do something with their parents. We talked about whether they had been on a larger ship. They had- the Allure. The two kids actually said they didn't think it would have felt like a "Christmas" vacation on a large ship because they would have been running all over the place doing different things and wouldn't have seen mom and dad very much. Both seemed to very much enjoy the "Team" aspect of their family adventure. They even did the "amazing race" themed excursion in Cozumel. They were so excited to tell me about it when we were sailing on Friday. I asked them what they thought about all of it. They said they liked both things but they really did enjoy having a "family" vacation on the Brilliance. Since your kids are not old enough to really get away on their own anyway, and they haven't cruised before. I feel certain Rhapsody will be a huge adventure even if it's a small ship.
  5. Really?? Every single Diamond and Diamond Plus member is furious? I am sure some are not pleased but many know that privileges and "entitlements" are slowly being stripped away. Why even bother cruising if you are going to be "furious" about it? Just stay home and save your money and stew in your anger and bitterness for free. Too much money being spent to go on a vacation to spend time being "furious."
  6. That sounds extremely painful. I can certainly understand why you would not want to cruise anymore. I hope you can find some relief in some way.
  7. Yes. When I got the chickenpox at age 5, my mother had my brother (age 3) and I take baths together, sleep in the same bed. She tried her darndest to get him to get it too. He didn't get it until he was almost out of high school. He got mono in high school too. I never got that.
  8. Every time I get a flu shot, I get sick. If I skip my shot, I hardly ever get the flu.
  9. Hmmm, I think you may be on to something. April 15th should be a national day of rest, and payment of taxes should be declared a public health crisis. All these people getting sick. LOL
  10. I usually start Vitamin C and a probiotic a few weeks before a cruise. It's been working quite well for me. Airborne is great. Emergen-C is good too. I know, still Vitamin C but for people who don't like to take vitamins- it's a decent alternative.
  11. I think it's a good idea to give everything a wipe down at least once. I think sometimes people really do clean too much and use too much antibacterial to the point they get wiped out by any little thing. The "washy washy" station doesn't catch everyone every time. Remember not everyone has the same sanitation and cleanliness standards. If you feel like things need an extra wipe down, by all means do it. I can assure you that you are not the only one. My mother will have antibacterial gel and some wipes and everything else.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I don't know that the poster of post #2 has said anything too crazy that I have noticed.
  13. I am sorry to hear that your friend's cruise experiences have been hampered by the non-accessible features of any ship. I do agree that spending some time in a wheelchair would definitely open up the minds of designers a LOT. Having been in a wheelchair for only a month due to a non weight-bearing injury, it opened my eyes a lot to how many things are either NOT designed with the mobility impaired people in mind, and how many actually seem designed to intentionally restrict options. You learn a lot about people too. It's a whole different world to navigate when you have to do it without the body that most people take for granted.
  14. What type music did he play? Original tunes? Classic rock style stuff? Current pop/easy listening?
  15. Interesting point. I can definitely see how this would be disconcerting for those with mobility impairments. People should have some accessibility to all areas of the ship. I agree, pretty is pointless if it's not functional.
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