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  1. Hello, Not sure about that because X is rerouting lots of cruises and if someone cancels, the usual penalty fees is in force. So we might have to take whatever they offer us even if we have to go through a lot of trouble (new flight, new departure port, new itinerary...) We are on the same cruise as sunlover33 and like said, we have to buy visas, excursions, pre night hotel, post night hotel, seats on the plane (we are on premium seats and wish to have the same comfort), etc. Since this is our 25th anniversary and the leg of the cruise we are doing is to finish our « around the world cruising tour », we will be very disappointed if Az cancels our cruise or change it in something we don't want. But if so, better doing it now than later so we can find something else and not make irrational decision. At least, if AZ is going to reimburse our fees (visas, pre booked hotels, etc.) flights fees, we won't loose much but it doesn't seem the case for now. So expecting the worst and hoping for the best Have a great day
  2. Hello, Don't drink all the Champagne and leave us some because I just realized that we are on the same cruise!! We are going to be easy to spot... going Nicolas Feuillates's champagne all the way....:-)
  3. Hello, we did the math. We looked at the excursion and we do plan to take all 700$ worth of shore excursions and I plan to take the spa credit. So we are going all in with the package (especially since we discovered that Nicolas Feuillates champagne was on the list 🙂 ). For wifi, we usually spend all our wifi credits onboard X (and it's half of it on AZ) and for the chef's table, we were going to take it. So all in all, it will be worth it for us. So we think.... We will let you know when we come back in April,
  4. Just to add, we are on a 15 nights voyage. I put my DH to the challenge of comparing both... results will be out soon (or so I think!)... thanks for the replies so far,
  5. Hell, We are cruising next April on Azamara and are looking at the benefit of the indulgence package. Since we are LCV Discoverer plus we are wondering if it is worth it or if it's better for us to take the 20% off a bev package, just enjoy what the LCV discounts gives us (laundry, limited wi fi, etc...) and pay for the extras (chef's table, etc.). Anyone did the math? Is it worth it? Thank you in advance,
  6. Thanks for the reply. I see the cruise I want, I just can’t see the price...Or any cabin selection, thank you
  7. Hello, have been trying all weekend to look at the prices but all the 30% offers won't go further than the 1st page. Another IT glitch? Anyone has the same problem?
  8. Hello, we did that crossing few years back. We are used to transat but TP. So I asked one of the officer if at some point it would get warmer... (like a kicking Gulf stream)... the answer? It's freaking Siberia Vana... that's says it all... 😉 Ps I always take a picture of my feet with the pool in sight... well I did... running shoes on and plaid cover...
  9. Hello, I wouldn’t mind the price if X was brigging back the Celebrity shine from before... give me back my formal nights, my sherbet parade around the pool, my steward all dress up depending on the night occasion, my midnight buffet (or brunch), all my favourite food like Osso bucco, my 6 schrimps cocktail, my desert tray every night to choose from, and all the other stuff that went away over the years.... and I'll be more than happy to pay the price.... but X wants to stay in the middle range now with the offering and cannot compete. When you offer a so called "repo" cruise and do not give any beverages package like some other company do, your are not in the game. When you charge 4000$ more for a couple doing the same cruise (ex South America) do not wonder why this couple switch (and also get, a beverage package on top of that). So yes, Celebrity has to reconsider is offering because it not up to par with the other companies... But still we are going on X next month but we will really be attentive to detail and see what we do next, eventhough we are elite plus....and that the next level is soooooo far out.... have a great day
  10. Hello, we had 6143 long time ago but even if we did enjoy our bugger balcony we were surprised to only have a arm chair instead of a 2 place sofa like other Concierge cabin and there was a "service corridor" from the hall way to the balcony next to our cabin so it was noisy and staff would come and go there to have a breath of fresh air. A lot of buttler coming and going also in the area because of the suites. That was a first and a last for us. Rather be in a C1 at the aft. Are you doing the April Suez Canal. If so, we are too...
  11. Hello, Other than the fact that it's a fairly quiet place, the pool in H2o is the size of an handkerchief. So it max out pretty fast. Plus the fact that the chairs are in a staircase doesn't make it easy for a group. Go for the main pool, bars, music live , more food options, slides, etc...over there. Enjoy
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