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  1. Always interested to know upsell prices. Do you mind telling me the price of the Penthouse upsell and the length of the cruise. Thanks
  2. Cruises are same price at the moment. Your comment on week after being cheapest time to cruise suggests I should hold off booking if choose that cruise. Thanks to you both for info.
  3. Hi Cannot decide which of 2 Sojourn cruises to book: Thanksgiving cruise or the one the following week. Never cruised during Thanksgiving ( UK based). Looking for advice from anyone who has cruised during this period. Would Thanksgiving cruise be busier? Is there more likely to be families/ children on that cruise? Thank you.
  4. Hi Many years since sailed to San Juan. Normally fly transatlantic flight home. Looking to book a 11.45 am flight from San Juan to Miami. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks in advance.
  5. I obviously think differently from many others on here - but each to their own ! We pay for first class on the plane. We not only receive a suite instead of a seat but also better service - that is what we pay for. Everyone has a choice what they book. We pay for the Wintergarden Suite - our choice to pay approx 5 times more at times than the cost of a verandah cabin. We receive exceptional service, the Captain and the Hotel Director individually dine with us and although we did not wish to dine in TK - we were told/ asked if we wished to dine there most nights. I think it would be naive of any company to believe everyone is willing to pay five times the price merely for some extra space. On the other hand no one is suggesting anyone only wishes to mingle with other guests in suites !! If someone chooses to pay for a Wintergarden suite and expects nothing more - that is up to them. If others sailing in Seabourn in verandah cabins truly believe everyone is treated the same - I can only say from my experience on many Seabourn cruises - that is not true !
  6. May be worth checking your Amex cards for Seabourn cashback offer. You can make a payment against a booked cruise at any time!
  7. On our last cruise in May both the Captain and the Hotel Director each dined one evening with my husband and I. I also saw many Officers hosting tables but as previously stated, their main role is to ensure a safe journey !!
  8. The form that Seabourn gave us to complete on the ship before arrival at first Indian port had some checkboxes that you needed to complete: one option was : no Indian visa as not getting off ! If anyone is on the Dubai to Singapore trip in November/December this year, please take a photocopy of the form and post it on this board.
  9. We recently sailed Singapore to Dubai. We knew we did not want to get off in India as been numerous times but Seabourn Head Office and our TA advised us that we still must obtain the Indian Visa (which we did). Very annoying on cruise to find a number of people without visas as not going into India and when raised issue: informed at Seabourn Square that we did not need them as we were not leaving the ship to travel within India !!
  10. Hi Dont want to get in trouble naming specific voyages but my tip would be: if you are considering one (or more) of Encore’s voyages on its usual itinerary from February to Early May in last few years, it would be worth you signing up to his news letter !!
  11. This travel agent in the US has been doing this for a number of years. We are UK based and first encountered large numbers booked through him in 2015. If you are looking at a cruise that you know most years always has large numbers of vacancies 12 weeks out and very reasonable prices, you will find he has a large party aboard the ship. (I could name at least 6 voyages that he will have an offer on around 8-10 weeks before.) These are always OB offers and thus are no use to us as we book the higher category suites. If waiting for his offer suits you and you are US/Canada based (travel is always included from North America) - you will get a great deal. Everyone I have heard on a ship that books with him are happy to tell everyone around the price they paid :-)
  12. We just left the Wintergarden Suite this morning. Beautiful suite !! sire you will enjoy it!
  13. Hi Just left Encore. What itinerary change did we have due to weather?
  14. Something does not have to be free to be an upgrade. Check definitions.
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