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  1. We actually have the Kenai Fjords cruise booked. But I’m starting to second-guess, as we’ve got two active teen boys, who may have had enough “sitting and watching” by the end of the week. The flexibility of a car sounds like just the ticket. That way we can do some sightseeing, but if the boys (or we!) are ready to move on, then we can.
  2. We have a cruise in June ending in Seward, arriving at the port at 5am. I'm debating between taking the Alaska Railroad (Adventure Class - GoldStar Dome is sold out) to Anchorage (train would leave at 6pm and arrive Anchorage around 10pm) or renting a car and driving ourselves. The cost of the train vs rental car is almost the same (rental car is very slightly cheaper). I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on the pros and cons of the Railroad vs driving ourselves? In particular, I'm wondering if the route of one is particularly more scenic than the other? Other thoughts?? Thanks!!
  3. We will be sailing to Alaska in June, from Vancouver to Seward on Radiance. As we get closer to our sail date, of course I am second-guessing all of the plans that I made months and months ago! I'm wondering if people have suggestions on what to do in Seward. We booked the 11am-5:30pm Kenai Fjords Cruise through Major Marine, but we've got 13- and 15-year-old boys, and I'm starting to worry that 6 hours sitting on a boat is going to lose its appeal by about hour 2. When I started to second-guess, I went ahead and reserved a rental car, so we've got the option to do something on our own instead. A friend suggested going up to Exit Glacier as an option? Our boys are generally pretty active and enjoy things like ziplining, white water rafting, etc. Any suggestions on how to spend our day? Oh, we dock at 5am, and are planning to take the Alaska Railroad to Anchorage at 6pm.
  4. I'm wondering if anyone knows any ways to get a discount on Alaska Railroad tickets. We are interested in Goldstar Dome from Seward to Anchorage in June (after sailing on Radiance of the Seas). We are a family of 4 (two adults, two teens). Thanks!
  5. We are visiting Juneau on the Radiance in June, and I'm trying to plan our day in Juneau. We will be there from 7am-9:30pm. We are doing the Alpine Zipline Adventure through RC in the morning (8-11:30am) (anyone have thoughts/reviews of that? We've done a ton of ziplining and hope this won't disappoint!) I'm trying to figure out what to do in the afternoon. I've booked us on the Mendenhall Glacier River Rafting excursion, but the more I read about that excursion, the worse it sounds - you only get a quick and not-great view of the glacier, you float past people's backyards and wrecked cars (yet it gets great reviews on TripAdvisor and Cruise Critic??) I'm leaning towards visiting Mendenhall on our own. Or is there another option we should consider? We are a family of 4, including 13- and 15-year-old boys, and pretty active. Thanks so much for any suggestions!
  6. Oh, one other related question - any idea how early we'd be able to drop our luggage off? It would be great if we could ditch our luggage and then do some exploring relatively near the pier, so that we don't have to go back to our hotel to retrieve our luggage before we board.
  7. Hi! We are sailing from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska on Radiance in June of 2019. The ship is scheduled to depart at 4:30pm. A few questions - How early do you think we'll be able to (a) check-in, and (b) board with a 4:30pm departure? We've cruised RCI a number of times, and we usually like to board as early as possible. However, I love Vancouver (my family has never been), and I'd love for us to have some extra time to explore the city before we board. My concern is specialty dining reservations. We bought the ultimate specialty dining package (yay Black Friday sale!!), so we'll want/need reservations every night. I've mapped out out preferred dinner times for the week, and they are all in the 6:30-7:30 range, when I'm sure EVERYONE wants to eat. Normally I'd board as early as possible and head straight to make our dining reservations. If we wait and arrive at the port around 1 or so (boarding around 2, I'm thinking?), do you think that couple of hour delay will make a big difference in our ability to get the reservations we want? I'm just trying to weigh more time in Vancouver versus getting the dining that we want. Thanks!
  8. Am I reading the attachment correctly that you can ONLY connect your C&A account to your M Life account in person at an M Life counter?
  9. We are planning to do the 6 hour Kenai Fjords cruise through Major Marine next June. It's scheduled to run from 11:30am to 5:30pm. The Alaska Train to Anchorage leaves at 6. I'm assuming Major Marine times their cruises so that passengers can make the train, but I wanted to double-check with you all here, as this time line seems pretty tight. Will we be ok to make the train after our cruise? The Alaska Train website says to check-in at least 45 minutes early, but I'm wondering if we can check-in and leave our luggage in the morning, before our cruise, such that we don't need to arrive so far in advance after the cruise. Does that make sense? Thanks for any tips!
  10. Another thank you for posting this! $256 saved for our family of 4!
  11. Hi! We've been on RCI cruises where the teen clubs are split into two groups, and other cruises where there is just one big age group in the teen club. Can anyone tell me if or how Radiance of the Seas splits up their teens on the Alaska cruises? We'll have a 13- and 15-year-old when we sail next June, and I know when RCI splits up teens, it's usually 12-14 and 15-17. I'm REALLY hoping they'll be able to be together. Thanks!
  12. Yes, ANOTHER Vancouver hotel post. Please bear with me! I think I've narrowed down our possible pre-cruise Vancouver hotel to 5 possibilities. I've mapped them all, and they all look relatively close to Canada Place, but I'd love to hear from locals or people who have stayed there if they are realistically walkable to the pier. We are a family of 4 (including 2 teen boys) in pretty good physical shape, but we will be hauling at least a couple of big rolling suitcases with us. Our choices are: Fairmont Waterfront (I KNOW this one is walkable!) Auberge Vancouver Hotel Delta Hotels by Marriott Executive Hotel Le Soleil Hyatt Regency Vancouver If you have any other thoughts on these hotels (good or bad!), I'd love to hear them. We'll be there 2 nights, so looking for a nice place to spend a couple of days - not just a place to crash for the night. Thanks!!
  13. I know this is an incredibly subjective question, but I'm wondering if a "zipline snob" will enjoy the Ziprider in Icy Strait Point? We (me, DH, DS12 and DS14) are lucky enough to have been ziplining in some amazing places - our favorites being Costa Rica and Hawaii. The downside is that we're now kind of spoiled when it comes to ziplines - it takes a lot to WOW us. I'm wondering if the Ziprider has that WOW factor? If it helps, we did the zipline at Labadee (RC's private island in the Caribbean) last year and really enjoyed that - ziplining over water gave it a novelty factor that made us feel like it was worth it. Would love any thoughts y'all might have. We are planning to do a whale-watching tour that morning, and I was looking for a second activity for the afternoon. Thanks!
  14. I’m not clear as to what stopped on May 20. Can you still generally use OBC (refundable and/or nonrefundable) in the casino for slots, blackjack, etc.?? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Hi! My sister and I leave on our first Celebrity cruise on Saturday. My sister wants to change the credit card she’ll use for her onboard account. I’ve already printed all of our documents and would rather not fight the Celebrity website to update now. Can she do this at the port with little to no problem? Or should we go ahead and get this done now? We are sailing out of Venice on Constellation, if that makes a difference. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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