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  1. Thanks Charles. I will look into Blue Hole to fill in the time if needed. We likely wont be in a rush and our travel companion likes to take A LOT of photos. Even if we just chill at a beach bar at Grotto and while away some time its all good on island time! :-)
  2. Thanks all for the input and invites. I am thinking I need to swap my days so we are closer to Grotto Bay on day one to catch the glow worm tour. So here is the revised itinerary:
  3. Crystal did get back to us and we have our ride booked at 3pm. This is perfect as I think after the ride we will have time for a quick snack and hoping to join nicstress on the glow worm tour (just waiting on our friends to confirm)
  4. Glad it worked out for you guys - I need to connect with her as I haven't heard. I will have to call before my good tips book me out of our ride! lol
  5. Hi Nicstress I will join the roll call. I let John know that we are good if he is good to join you for the glow worms. I will let you and John coordinate the transport but it will be 4 extra adults if you can update your arrangements and let us know the cost. I will work with John to get us booked on with Ana Luna. Thanks!
  6. I emailed but she is slow to respond - you may wish to call to be certain.
  7. Thanks for the tips - I was going by the published ferry itinerary which had a 3 day option for $44 so we will have to review your notes on :
  8. We are on Serenade in mid October. We will be there for the glow worm timing. the Carriage ride is by Bronco Stables.https://www.broncostablesbermuda.com/ or google. It is a guided carriage ride through Georgetown.
  9. Bermuda Itinerary Purchase 3 day Bus/Ferry Pass Arrival Weds 8am Ferry to St George Orange route 12pm ducking reenactment Lunch (Suggestions?) Fort St Catherine (20 min tours hourly 1130-230) Canon fired at 2pm 300pm: Bronco's Stables Horse & Carriage Tours, St George (1 hour tour) Ferry back to ship Orange Route *Glow Worm tour in evening? Thursday Ferry to Hamilton Blue Route (1/2 hour) Bus 10 or 11 (blue pole) to Aquarium (1/2 hour) Aquarium @1-2 hour Bus 10 or 11 (blue pole) to Swizzle (1/2 hour) Swizzle inn for lunch Walk to Crystal Cave @1 1/2 hour Bus back to Hamilton (pink pole) (either #1 or #2 from crystal or 10 or 11 from Swizzle) Pink Ferry Tour (1 hour) Ferry to Ship (blue) Friday Departure 4pm (mini bus shuttle pp round trip) Horseshoe Beach (rum bum bar) Explore Royal Dockyards
  10. We were there on an overnight last week. Taxi driver that took us back to ship after our day in Philipsburg told us to be VERY CAREFUL after dark and not to go off the beaten track at any time. Although they are well into recovery there's a long way to go and I expect the further afield you travel from the port area, the more there is to do. The locals are trying so hard to recover but this was a catastrophic storm. It looked like Godzilla had gone through and ripped up the buildings. You should be fine with your day plans (kim she beach, maho or philipsburg). For evening, I would consider a cat night sail or something where you are picked up returned in Philipsburg and taxi to and from the ship. As with any savvy traveller - but moreso given the circumstances - be aware of your surroundings, and don't wear/do anything flashy (don't flash money, don't wear highend/expensive jewelry/sunglasses, clothes) to ensure you don't make yourself a target.
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