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  1. Hell is a geo formation - you need about 10 minutes tops there to snap some pics and maybe post some letters with the hell postmark. Neat for a first time visitor but no need to revisit. I have done the turtle farm and I was a bit disturbed by the state of the pools (dirty and smelly). I don't think I could go back - Ive seen turtles in the ocean and they are truly beautiful animals. Be aware that this is a meat farm. See article here and decide for yourself: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2017/05/wildlife-watch-cayman-turtle-farm-welfare-controversy/#close. Not to dissuade you but just sharing so you can make an informed decision. I recommend a separate stingray tour. This is out in the ocean. Pick a tour with a private provider that takes smaller groups. Lots of options there. Enjoy your stay in GC
  2. Here is another article from National Geographic: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2017/05/wildlife-watch-cayman-turtle-farm-welfare-controversy/#close
  3. I did visit there and I can confirm the conditions weren't very humane. I prefer to support the groups in St Kitts where they have natural habitat area protected and breeding programs. My post above is to share information and I agree each should make their own decision - but please make an informed decision. https://www.stkittsturtles.org/
  4. Having visited, I can confirm the water tanks were small, dirty and stunk to the high heavens. Turtles were being passed around like a dish at thanksgiving dinner table. This facility also sells the turtles for meat. Is this really a facility you wish to visit and support? They do claim to be a "breeding and research" facility but having visited, surely there is a more humane alternative to this. See this Interesting article: In the 2000s, the Cayman Turtle Centre has come under attack from animal welfare and conservation groups who claim the Centre is failing to meet the welfare needs of the animals in its care and poses a threat to wild turtle conservation. International animal protection group, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) cites poor water quality, overcrowding, unsupervised human handling, heightened levels of disease and congenital defects amongst the captive bred creatures. Joined in support by the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the world's oldest turtle conservation group, WSPA has launched a campaign to stop the Cayman Turtle Centre from breeding sea turtles for human consumption. Sir Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles has supported the campaign and urged the Centre to shift towards a more humane, sustainable and profitable alternative. In the House of Commons, Early Day Motion (EDM) 612 from 2012, entitled "Cayman Turtle Centre" calls on the UK Government to condemn the practices of producing turtle meat for consumption and help assist the Centre in moving towards practices that promote the protection of turtles instead. The captive breeding programme at the Cayman Turtle Centre has long-since attracted criticism from conservation groups who claim that the centre runs the risk of introducing infectious diseases into the wild by releasing turtles that have been bred in captive conditions. Experts also claim that programmes of this kind fail to address the root causes of turtle decline and efforts would be better spent tackling illegal poaching – a problem that still continues in the Cayman Islands
  5. We have nice leather lanyards from Coach (see up at cash) - they aren't too bad - under $20 and have room for another couple of cards and folded up cash for shore. I have nice evening purses for evening.
  6. We had booked Grandeur in April 2021. We have been given 3 options Move our booking up earlier (not an option for us) Move our booking to another ship (and we will receive $200 up to Bal or $400 for Suite OBC) Cancel and get our money back. We must decide by Oct 30. It would be helpful if they gave us an Enchantment option out of Baltimore prior to that deadline. The deadline seems a bit short as well. It would be nice to opt for #2 but confirm booking once more itinerary options are released.
  7. Thanks Charles. I will look into Blue Hole to fill in the time if needed. We likely wont be in a rush and our travel companion likes to take A LOT of photos. Even if we just chill at a beach bar at Grotto and while away some time its all good on island time! :-)
  8. Thanks all for the input and invites. I am thinking I need to swap my days so we are closer to Grotto Bay on day one to catch the glow worm tour. So here is the revised itinerary:
  9. Crystal did get back to us and we have our ride booked at 3pm. This is perfect as I think after the ride we will have time for a quick snack and hoping to join nicstress on the glow worm tour (just waiting on our friends to confirm)
  10. Glad it worked out for you guys - I need to connect with her as I haven't heard. I will have to call before my good tips book me out of our ride! lol
  11. Hi Nicstress I will join the roll call. I let John know that we are good if he is good to join you for the glow worms. I will let you and John coordinate the transport but it will be 4 extra adults if you can update your arrangements and let us know the cost. I will work with John to get us booked on with Ana Luna. Thanks!
  12. I emailed but she is slow to respond - you may wish to call to be certain.
  13. Thanks for the tips - I was going by the published ferry itinerary which had a 3 day option for $44 so we will have to review your notes on :
  14. We are on Serenade in mid October. We will be there for the glow worm timing. the Carriage ride is by Bronco Stables.https://www.broncostablesbermuda.com/ or google. It is a guided carriage ride through Georgetown.
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